Silo 2 Renderers?


What renderers do you people use?
Any good GUI driven free ones?



I tried 3D Delight but it seems VERY counter intuitive.


Is there such a thing as an “free GUI-driven intuitive renderer”? Pretty much the only one I’ve used in that regard is Blender Cycles. Everything else I use fails one of your requirements; even Blender doesn’t necessarily satisfy your “intuitive” requirement.




another option would be Kerkythea, which is no longer developed due to the new commercial vers. Thea Render.



So what do you usually use?

I actually started to use Cycles for blender. Seems really nice.
What do other people use?


I´m on Mac - I use Cheetah3d - reads Silo´s “.sia” files natively. :wink:


I’m nearly exclusively Maxwell, but can also fully recommend LuxRender. For a much simpler job I use KeyShot.


Have you tried MITSUBA? It’s even faster than Luxrender and introduces less noise. And well, it’s free. There’s also a blender plugin at


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