Silo 2 Pre Order How ?


OK with all the other companies offering preorders i hope NC do, I know i trust them to deliver more than most of the others so
Let me know where to pre order and i’m in :wink:

PS Nice update but give us a 1.5 first with the realtiume cel engine :wink: lol

NuVis aka Bunka6


and the bone system, and the phonemator …


Bones V2.5 please.
Phonemator stick it in when you can or explain a use.

Displacement painting (Oh my god have you seen that vid) is good enough for this release, Oh hang on they have put in the UV tools everyone has been asking for aswell, Yes definitly enough in this update already :wink:


great disp painting vid,silo 2.0 is great and it is very cool that there are now uv mapping options in silo.


We’ll probably set up a pre-order system as we get closer to release. :slight_smile:


I command thee to do it now :slight_smile:


HAHA… Wow! I guess this fellow knows what he wants!


Bones? Bones used for posing models?

I am really not that excited about bones. I personally would much rather see more enhanced and functional modeling tools over other things that stray from the process. (example. Good Numeric Editor, Lattices, More Soft Selection options, layers …etc). I now model 90% in Silo because its SO powerfull but I still have to have Maya open and spit to OBJ to do a few other things that Silo can’t do
YET. [font=Wingdings]:thumbsup: [/font]


While I do, kinda agree with you, more modeling tools will be useful, bones would be incredible. Imagine being able to work out the topology and placement of your loops while a section is in a deformed state. I think it would be incredibly useful. Say you are building your model with the arms down, but you need access to the arm pits, or you want to quickly re-proportion some limbs, bones would make this very easy


Even though bones would be nice in the future, I agree other things are a lot more important.

In my case bones feels a bit unnecessary, I have to re-rig the whole stuff again anyways since I use messiah to pose and render. But I agree with Goon that it can be a big helper when modeling complex stuff.

One thing that I´d like to see are some simple deformers like bend and twist.
And a more sofisticated “path extrusion object” tool.


What about bones that could be exported? You could set up the basic rig, testing the deformations while you model, and then export the rig to bvh or fbx for further editing in your chosen package.


Well all i can say is that anybody who doesn’t want bones obviously doesn’t animate characters.
If you did you would know that the ability to rig and then alter the mesh accordingly would be such an unbelievable saving in time, Combine this with FBX export and we are talking about rigged and ready stuff straight from Silo, This would help everyone even Messiah is getting FBX at some stage (Look in the forum)
As for the other stuff mentioned i miss my layers from LW but thats about all really, Not to say that other stuff wouldn’t be welcome of course it would but i can live without it ;).


I would say the bones could be valuable, but only if they could be exported out. I think it would be a real trick getting the bones to act like all the other apps out there. XSI, Maya, LW, Max all do things a bit differently. FBX is becoming less standard since being absorbed by alias this will only get worse imho.


So if FBX is becoming less standard why do so many use it and what is there to replace it ?
That isn’t a flame its a question by the way i’m interested in anything that can replace FBX.


Not really since ones Messiah´s main powers lays in it´s, fast, yet very powerfull rigging system. To rig a model in Silo would take away one of the big points in using Messiah.

I think what most people want when it comes to messiah and FBX are export options not import.

That said I´m not against bones, but for me (at the moment) other things feels more important.


From what I read their will be no pre-order it’s a free update to existing registered users. But I had been staying up late gathering info the past couple days so I could be remembering incorrectly. Saw that somewhere or dreamed of it anyway. All of silo’s new “features” seem to borrow from other apps, so I imagine that these tools at the silo price point is the advantage. I liked seeing the topology brush and thought the update would be more of that, but I dunno kind of mixed about silo’s update right now. I do wonder what they will charge for 2.0


Its a free update to 2 if you bought in July or you buy it now and upto the release.
It is a paid upgrade for the rest of us which is kinda nice really, I have only been using Silo six months or so but the ammount of extra stuff i have got in that six months for free off Nevercenter is shocking to be honest, And that goes back even further like i said my knowledge is just the last six months.

I can tell you that all the other modellers that were announcing updates were implementing things that were implemented in Silo for free over the last year as part of there workflow updates, I have said before that i think with 2 you are not actually paying for the things that have been announced in the upgrade, You actually are paying for getting those things knowing that you have the ability to be part of how they develop through upgrades into the ultimate versions of those tools, Nevercenter are quite open that every tool will be created and built with the interaction of the community so while they may not look out of this world at the moment they haven’t been in seats user tested and refined, Also along the way the guys at Nevercenter tend to notice other things that can be done with the ideas that shock and surprise (Look at the topo brush).

Like i have also said before it’s not 2 that excites me personally but the following 2.1 2.2 and so on, Nevercenter have a strange way of adding features as they go and a big upgrade like 2 is actually a big upgrade, I say its a big upgrade because the core has been rewritten and you can try that out now, They have included some of the new code in the 1.42 and believe me the Topo brush has taken a step forward to the point where it is extremely easy to use and get good results, It is also so much faster.

I have to say that the growth of Silo is great to see because it gives Jam and Feed the ability to keep making this tool even more powerful.


Yup. Displacement painting!

Please? I’ll upgrade. I can’t wait to put brush to my models :smiley:
Bones in Silo don’t seem important, you want to rig where you animate, not?
Or you want to rig your models twice? Only if its very user friendly :slight_smile:
Then again isn’t riggin an art in itself?

Also the 1.42 beta 5 not cutting it yet.
Stick to 1.41? Unless you’re working with the displacement brush?


Yes i agree bones aren’t as important as the features announced by a long way but think of this.
Silo is great at everything it does, If bones where implemented chances are they would be tweaked and tweaked with user input until they where perfect, Couple this with FBX export and you can model rig test the rig and alter the mesh where neded before ever going to your animation package, When you do go to your animation package using FBX the bones go along with the mesh, Setup for motion builder or motion capture or animating.

Nevercenter have already stated that when they implement the bones it will be to the FBX standard :slight_smile:


Well if I remember correctly(been a long time now) fbx only transfer baked motion no bones, so it would not be a way to export rigs to other apps. Been a while though I cant rememeber exact process. But my main comment about fbx losing it value was since alias aquired kaydara, the plugin has not been getting equal update support across the cg world. Maya was of course fetting best support, but others were not getting updated very well.

Anyway, bones would be useful for modeling too though, and to test deformations(again not all bones act the same in all packages), I would prefer if NC spent there time on other modeling improvments though than something like this. Biggest drawback to other apps imo is they try to be too many things at once and end up falling short.