Silo 2 Plugins?



Just wondering if there are any such things as “Silo plug-ins”. Or if there are ‘hidden’ or otherwise non-obvious tools in Silo already to do different things not normally intended of them.

Recently I found myself in need of a “Thicken” or “Shell” type tool. I also found myself needing a tool that would turn the vertecies of a N-gon into a “circle” shape. I’m sure there will be more…and a cool plugin is always fun to play with! :slight_smile:

Anyway, figured I’d ask.


There are no plugins since Silo 2. There was an SDK for Silo v1x but not for v2 for some reason. I wish there was. There are a few things that were in Silo 1x that never made it into v2 (partial subdivide for example).

Shell is an existing function in the modify menu.

There is no way to automatically circularise an ngon. You would have to do it manually. If there are not too many vertices I sometimes add a circle primitive with an equal number of segments and use it as a snapping guide



Well what do you know, there it is…Shell. I knew it was there…I remember using it when I first got Silo2 a few months ago. Have no idea why I didn’t see it…I even looked for it too (as “Shell”). Huh…my eyes must be getting too old.

I was afraid of there not being a “circlify” tool. Ah well…got along without it for over a decade using other programs, it’s just a nice time saver. :slight_smile:

Sad that Silo2 has been shelved by Nevercenter…for all intents and purposes anyway. Nice modeling program. I really enjoy it! If it was still worked on I’m sure it would be easily as good as MODO and many other programs out there…having a more or less “modeler only” focus would allow for a lot of cool innovation and stuff. mumble mumble…dang nevercenter!..mumble mumble