Silo 2.5 Feedback


Select through appears to be working fine here without the need to press enter (Windows 10).


I see that you have updated the display code in the meantime, but here on my 2560/1440 screens text still appears super tiny. Unusable in that state.
On the left is Blender for comparison.


a collection of feedback and wishes and to do, some vital other are nice to have. 2.5.04

export fbx, make a menu settings for unreal engine , factor 100 and disable y.
i had also often that the export crash and i see only a temp file.
there seems also a bug if you select a file in dialog and then hit save, silo hang up.
after triangulation the uvs was good in silo but compleate wrong in unreal for any reason.
the autosave did not work in steam version at windows 10.
better error handling.
instances are not focusable in silo and also not appear in fbx export / import into unreal engine 4.18
normals you can’t differentiate if faces are opposite near by.
i had the problem that silo showing the faces but the import in unreal not.
bevel undo you need hit twice.
undo NEED a name what you undo because undo is not 100% for everything.
sometimes the ring selection take a turn-off 90 degree and selected not what i want.
fbx need a check, unity import is ok but unreal not.
need a object hirachy
selected edges colors, need alternating colors at line, if the object have same color you can NOT see the selection
maybe also a color variation not blink but fade ping pong from bright to dark generally.
i believe smoothing groups are coming, i had a model that looks very ugly in unreal with hard edges.
also with more polygons it was not better.


I’d like an option menu for combine objects (create > combine objects)

Specifically an option to not center the pivot when combining objects, which would lead to friendlier interaction with instances (still one of those Silo powerhouse features).
Because If the pivot on the source model is changed, the instance loses it’s position.


You can already do this. Toggle Manipulator Repositioning to off, Combine Object then Set Object Axis.


@Cinnsealach Even if you Toggle Manipulator Reposition to off, Combine Objects ignores this and still re-centers the Manipulator on the Instance.


Your are right; I didn’t have Silo installed on the rig I replied from so couldn’t actually test. I just assumed it would (should) work :]


I had the same thought you did Cinnsealach, and ideally it should work. What I do now; set the source object origin to zero (0,0,0) then you just reset back to zero whenever the origin moves.

Ok, here’s another idea to pile onto that: Set object axis to zero :] I know it’s easy to type 0 into the numerical editor, but hey, why not a shortcut?

Edit: Adding another suggestion I thought of for the display settings menu; “Special Edge Width,” for a separate display of uv seam and creased edge width.


Its been a while and its good to see Silo up to 2.5 now. Tried it on Win10 and it seems to load up old files without issue.


I’ve asked this a couple of times without any apparent answer…

Can you specify a smoothing angle for this feature?


I’ve found something not good :slight_smile: . You have let’s say 2 objects . You do the smoothing groups with the edge crease on one of the objects, then do the other . BUT when you combine the objects with object combine function the smoothing groups (edge creases ) are reseted .

I don’t know how the weights are stored (edge creases) but they should not reset when you combine 2 objects .

It seems that when I do any opperation on the mesh, the smoothing groups are reseting .


I apologize for always coming back to this, but has anyone found a work around for this issue or is reverting back to old versions the only option so far? Also, does anyone know if this bug is in the pipeline for a future update?

Lastly, thanks Nevercenter and SIlo community for keeping silo alive!


font size option would be a good idea :slight_smile:


since Version 2.5.1 there are some crashes at doing uv mapping.
and also if the model is correct uv mapped the model import into unreal engine 4.18.1 looks distorted, it can fixed by calculate normals option!? but light map calculating looks often very wrong then.
but i am happy that some bug are gone and the new feature smooth edges works somehow in unreal if there some options also are set for inexplicable reasons.
i think there is still an issue in generating the fbx file.
yesterday i waste hours to get a uv map with correct lightmap into unreal by some of 11 meshes, nearly impossible.


Hei @Nevercenter, maybe a release for Christmas as a present, with setting the smoothing groups angle overall and the smoothing groups should not reset when modifying a mesh ? :slight_smile:

And while we’re talking about smoothing groups maybe can you implement Weighted-Normals ?

Some applications like Maya, Blender, 3dsMax have this as an addon, implementing this into Silo should be first to have this integrated with the source code . :slight_smile:

Anyway great software Silo please more updates :slight_smile: .


I’m happy to see Silo actively being developed. Is there a roadmap that we can follow? I’m afraid to pick it up before knowing the future plans.


I’m still having issue with the scene editor jumping up to the top every time I click on an object. It’s only noticeable when you have a large scene or long list of assets in the scene, but it’s made majority of my projects impossible to get anything done in. I absolutely love Silo, but
Very annoying indeed! While they fix it, you can do this: select the object in the 3D view, then when the name is clicked it doesn’t jump to top.

It seems that when I do any operation on the mesh, the smoothing groups are reseting .
Happens here too.

Another not very important weirdness is that every time i launch Silo (on win7 64bit) it opens in a small floating window, regardless that i exit the program in full screen. Is this happening to someone else?


Is anything else failing to stick (shortcuts, mouse settings etc.)?

First I would check that silodata.sip (reveal preferences in file menu) is not somehow read only. Window position/size and whether Silo is maximised are stored in it.

Look for this:

<prefgrp name="" id=“100107”>
<item type=“int” name=“Window X” val=“0”></item>
<item type=“int” name=“Window Y” val=“0”></item>
<item type=“int” name=“Window Width” val=“2560”></item>
<item type=“int” name=“Window Height” val=“1440”></item>
<item type=“bool” name=“Window Maximized” val=“0”></item>

You can edit it manually but it’s not normal that you should need to.


Hey thanks Cinnsealach, it might be my windows or hardware (which is getting pretty old). Silo 2.3.1 works well though (and launches much faster for some reason).
I went into the preferences and it was already set to 1.

<item type=“bool” name=“Window Maximized” val=“1”></item>


I bump this up in hope there is an actual roadmap, I guess because of the Christmas break Nevercenter is not very active around here. Also will there be option to do multiple edge beveling?