Silo 2.5.6 vs Silo 2021


It’s where you can post your Silo feature requests:


In the UK Maya Indie is £306 (430USD) - Max is the same I guess; and it’s an annual subscription so not really comparable I reckon. You could say that Maya/Max at 280 are too expensive because Blender is free?

I’m not trying to justify the price of Silo to anyone (the upgrade discount should definitely be better in my opinion); and I agree there are a lot of features that still need to be added or improved to make Silo a more versatile and productive modeller. I’m just making a point I think is valid - I hope it doesn’t come across as argumentative :]


I share the frustration of most of you guys, we all know the issues here (both with nevercenter and silo), nothing new is being said. Things can go forward only with encouragement and positive criticism… I went and paid for the upgrade, not that I need it, but I’ve made thousands in the past decade using SILO, so $120 is fair for a little encouragement for the team (its just my opinion).


That’s a good point Cinnsealach, I’m in the US and Maya cost me ~304.00 after tax.


Agreed, trying to keep a postive outlook and not all doom and gloom. Congrats on RKD!


Oh wow, Silo. I haven’t thought of that program in a while.

I don’t use it anymore, but I keep up to date with another stand-alone modeler called MOI3D. Upgrade pricing is sensible at around 1/3 the total, with free updates for recent purchasers of the previous version. That said, its upgrade cost is $100 - not much less than Silo’s initial cost.

Yeah, Silo is really cheap.

If I were to buy it, it wouldn’t be for the modeler. I could have use for an easy, “fire and forget” VR viewer, even if it’s just Unreal Engine. If it can open Revit exported FBX files without a hassle I’m in. The website shows it being used for architecture, and one problem I’ve been having is getting Revit content into Blender (I have good reasons for wanting this, trust me). I have a workflow, but it’s circuitous - going from Revit to Max to Blender, and then running a script to clean up all the duplicate materials… annoying.

Wouldn’t it be cool if Silo could read FBX files exported directly from Revit without losing any materials… edit: it cannot read Revit FBX files at all, unfortunately.

Even without that, it’s integration with an Unreal Ed based renderer is something to watch. Imagine a Milo based on UE5…

I’ll get the trial and keep my eye on this one.


A 3ds Max/Maya Indie subscription is around €300 per year plus tax. Houdini Indie is $269 per year. Silo 2021 is $149 for a permanent license. I upgraded using the 25% promo. Blender is cheaper, but a Blender/Silo combo is still cheaper than 3ds Max, Maya, or Houdini Indie which are all subscription-based.


Wow, what a bunch of whining old kids…
I purchased the upgrade from V2, it’s like $99 and includes the Milo rendering software.
I think I’ll survive this month as well.

Great update, fresh looks and great value all over.



The difference between Silo and Max/Maya/Houdini is obvious. Or should be. Silo… 3D modeler with some texturing/UVing. Max… everything from modeling, to UV’ing, to rigging, animating, particles, rendering, etc. Same with Maya. And Houdini, but adding in a ton of dynamics, physical sims, and other more technical stuff.

When you look at it as a Price/Capabilities… Silo isn’t even in the same league.

HOWEVER… I really enjoy modeling in Silo (or I did when I was using it; haven’t really used it since getting into Modo…but I let my Modo sub go; too dang expensive for me currently…maybe later I’ll re-sub). I think I got in on the “late v1” side, then v2 and v2.5. The 20% discount is a bit… “low” considering the new features and lack of “old stuff we wanted for ages now” (…numerical reset to 0 when releasing an adjustment?..grrrr!!!..). I would have felt “25% for v1 users, 50% for v2 users” would have been fair. But hey…it MAY still be worth it to upgrade to this new version for me. Haven’t decided yet. I’m in no rush though. :wink:


I agree. Silo doesn’t stack up against 3ds Max, Maya, or Houdini Indie. Modo is €599/year. Foundry like Autodesk has stopped selling new perpetual licenses of Modo apparently but you are still able to renew maintenance at €398/year. I use both Silo and Houdini Indie as a freelancer.