Silo 2.5.6 vs Silo 2021


What are the changes between 2.5 and Silo 2021. You want us to re-purchase newer version without strictly comparing these versions. I don’t really know what the changes were mare and if they’re worth another 120$ given there weren’t too many new features within revisions lately.

Or is this the complete new features list?

  • Milo real-time renderer included with every purchase
  • Blend shapes
  • Variable SubD edge creasing
  • PBR materials export for Milo
  • New UV unwrapping methods
  • Improved numerical editor
  • Milo interoperability: saving in Silo auto-updates in Milo
  • Updated look and feel
  • Tons of bug fixes, optimizations, and stability improvements


Their main page seems to break down those new features but the demonstrations are too brief.

They mention a ‘complete Poly/SubD toolset’. The UI is supposedly customizable. But at the old site you can’t download the previous custom UI styles because they no longer host them.


The question remains…did they fix the numerical editor that would reset every value to zero after entering it??
That was one of the most irking aspects of it, especially when bringing objects to and from other 3D packages.
And crashes!

I’ve been using Silo since v1 and it was very useful for quick box modeling setups. I used to recommend it to my students back in the day who found the mainstream 3D packages to convoluted for modeling.
But now, with other freely available software that can do the same and much more, I’m not sure about the allure of it.

v2021 seems more like a bug fix update to V2 than anything, based on their “new features” list. These features don’t seem to introduce anything new and revolutionary to the current version.

Are there deformers? Vertex paint tools? Geo cleanup and optimization tools?

Milo looks interesting, and definitely beats the huge gb download of the Unreal Engine to achieve the same thing. Especially if it’s only used as a viewer and not a game engine.

Very much on the fence about this version.

EDIT: Tried it. Nothing really new that merits an upgrade to this version, in my opinion. The modeling tools that were streamlined back in the day compared to the other packages, don’t feel as groundbreaking anymore. Especially not with the limited options they offer.

And wtf with the rotation tool not updating the numerical editor? I mean, seriously??? It’s 2021!


Yeah, I’m still trying it out in my spare time. But one feature I wish they’d have is custom Surface IDs. Substance Painter allows users to isolate polygons that have a custom Surface name and assign a texture on to them. I don’t know if Silo 3D ever used that.



I had the 2021 beta but tbh there weren’t really any new additions that would help me and Silo still lacks in a lot of areas. I would possibly purchase it but I can’t find an upgrade price so I’m assuming everyone needs to pay full price?

Also, I downloaded the demo assuming it was more up to date than the last beta, but there were no default mouse set ups, no themes available and the screen was initially black. I’m not sure users new to Silo would find the demo very appealing.



I got a discount coupon code through the e-mail to upgrade. Discount is 20% off for loyal users.

I didn’t find any themes either and the wiki page said they’re not posting the old ones because of risk of viruses in zip files. To be honest, I’m more ticked off the UI can’t adapt on a dual screen setup. I like having my 4K monitor on while I use Silo on my HD display tablet. But the menu buttons overcompensate when both monitors are being used.


I’m really happy to see a new version out, and that Silo development is continuing. I’m surprised that an announcement post wasn’t made in this forum. I love using Silo - it’s a lightweight program and really easy to use compared to others I’ve tried. I love (can’t stress that enough) the interface - clean and simple. Compared to Blender’s UI and the way stuff just works on there it’s a dream - so thanks for not making me have to use Blender:)

However, I would agree with Flaye about the numerical editor. That is way overdue for updating, I can’t believe that hasn’t been fixed. I’m so disappointed. It’s a basic feature you expect from any 3d program, so a really big oversight in my opinion. I would rather that had been done than get Milo.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that doesn’t like using Blender or doesn’t have the money to use the other high end apps like Maya etc. I do think that more people would use it if they knew about it. But there isn’t really any impressive marketing about it IMO. The recent videos that have been put out are okay - it’s good to have them, but they aren’t great. Not enough in my opinion to get new users on board. And I think there should just generally be some new tutorials anyway. It helps showcase Silo. It would be also great to see some video walkthroughs of awesome creations in Silo.

I don’t know if the dev team read these forum posts. I hope so.


I don’t know if this would help but you can assign different materials to different surfaces in Silo and the object will keep those surfaces separate in Substance Painter. It doesn’t give you an ID map you can export from Silo but it does enable you to paint on different surfaces in SP.


I love Silo and use it every day but …

  1. Where is discount upgrade ? I have no access to some old emails, it should work with old serial number. There is no option for upgrade.
  2. 20% discount for old users is a joke for the small amount of features added
  3. New features not properly outlined on page or not announced here.

I don’t complain but they have bad attitude to loyal customers.


I kinda feel a similar way. I love SILO, i’ve been using it since 1.41 and still use it for all my game modeling, archviz and product models… but i too feel this update is not enough. I would gladly pay for it to support development, but im not sure the current team is capable of delivering the updates we want.


Keep in mind that this is just the initial release - there should be numerous point-releases that will add more useful features and improvements; two have already been pushed out - the first sorting the long-standing rotation values issue and the second improving stability :]

Typically point releases have always been included in the purchase prices - I don’t expect it to be different for this version so by the end of it you will have more for your outlay than you do now.

Of course everyone has a different opinion on whether or not its worth the asking price - certainly $120 USD is much more of an outlay in some regions compared to others - I wonder how much hassle it would be to offer regional pricing.

Like @outburner, I’ve been a Silo user for a long time - I think I got on-board around 1.2. It was a great time following development and anticipating each release. The old forum was amazing too - chock full of really talented modellers who I learned a hell of a lot from. Happy days. If this development cycle can get anywhere near the fervour of that one… Time will tell.


You’re right!
Just bought the update to support the guys! Silo has been my friend for so long :slight_smile:


Nevercenter guys, please look into transparency/alpha cutoff for textures in Milo, its a very useful feature for gamedev modeling.


Keep in mind how very few improvements were provided, yet how Nevercenter has no problem demanding existing v2 customers pay 80% of full price to upgrade. Care to explain how the barely 3-5% of new function merits an 80% upgrade cost? Esp. given how Nevercenter jerked v2 customers around so many times already starting/stopping Silo “development”?

I deeply regret paying the 80% upgrade/re-buy/cash-grab, esp. now that I’ve seen how very, very little work actually went into Silo above and beyond fixes that v2 customers should have been provided in a timely manner (but weren’t). There’s not enough there worth even a 25% upgrade cost, let alone a very-ethically-questionable >75%-of-full-price cash grab from long-time existing customers.

As they stripped most of the v1 extensibility out of v2 and subsequent revisions of Silo (still missing), and that was the key to v1 drawing developer interest and activity, probably not. Oh, they’ve said over and over how it’ll all return in time, but clearly just about ZERO actually reappeared – a recurring theme with Nevercenter and Silo.

VERY DISAPPOINTED Silo + Milo “upgrade” customer who’s been a Silo customer and user since v1.

  • john_w

P.S. Will “online security” be the new excuse Nevercenter uses every time rewriting history, pretending older events didn’t occur, or for pushing under rug? Just wondering.


I don’t care to explain anything. Make your own decision whether you think it is a worthwhile expense, or the opposite. I do not see anyone demanding that you upgrade, you can choose not to. If you already did and regret it, there is not much I can do about it.


As I stated in my prior post, I definitely agree with your earlier points. To me, though, the problem seems more a continuation of the bad attitude they’ve always had towards Silo v2 customers.

I really wanted to believe differently, but after the rebuy-as-upgrade, seeing what was really in v2021 (very little beyond v2), and then immediately seeing the promotion of “support us on what’s coming, not what’s here”, plus the (meager) fix-as-feature in v2021.10, the straws finally formed a singularity that ate the camel.


Is this in reference to my comment up the page? Have I somehow given you the impression that I work for Nevercenter?

I’m just an end user like yourself; and one who has also been disappointed with the state of Silo 2 development over the years. Right now I’m glad to see NC apply more dev time to SIlo - and hopefully the results will speak for themselves… Time will tell on that score, but we need a bit of hope in these dark days :]


I played with the trial of 2021 and could not see any real advantages of i it over Silo 2.5.6. Other than Milo which I am not interested in. Already have e-onsoftware’s Vue and DAZ Studio for rendering. Also can render some basic stuff in 3DCoat 4.9 as well as texture with PBR.

Am I missing something? And the 20% upgrade discount is a joke and insult.


2021 is not worth it, sorry. Too many features for a modern modeler are missing to justify the price. 150 for Silo vs 280 for Maya or Max?

I don’t want to harp on the topic, check the trello page, there’s so many helpful suggestions already.


What is the “trello page”?