Silo 2.4 Beta!!!


In the website of the nevercenter there is a beta version 2.4 of silo to download. Is he back?


Version 2.4 Beta

  • FBX and Collada support (for easier export to game engines like Unity and Unreal, making Steam mods, etc).
  • An updated windowing system.
  • Under-the-hood rewrites (to improve performance and stability).
  • Bug Fixes.
    Note: This version is STILL IN BETA; usual beta cautions/warnings/disclaimers apply.
  • Download the beta here.


O_O >_< o_O

Er…this isn’t a joke, right? I mean, I got an email that I immediately thought was suspicious. I double checked it. I downloaded via the link…after making sure it was going to the ‘right’ place. Even ran an extra virus scan on the DL’ed .zip file and extracted .exe file.

…I’m still in shock. I feel so confused! …and so HAPPY! :bounce:


Looks like it’s real! Holy cow, and update! :wink:


I’m actually happy about the inclusion of FBX export. That would save me extra steps in getting my models into Unity… but

The same object exported as OBJ works perfectly, as with all previous versions of silo.

Can any of you guys confirm or debunk my experience?



Outburner, I was able to export and import a quick low poly I made in Silo in FBX format.

Then I went to TurboSquid and imported a random free FBX space station took a bit but no issue.

(If you make your file available I’ll try to import it.)

However, the polycount caused a very noticeable performance hit to Silo.
Not too happy with that as I have a older but, solid workstation:

Dual Xeon 16 thread (E5620) system with 64GB ECC RAM and an 8GB Radeon RX 480 running
Windows 8.1 Pro.



Happy its actually working, i tried with a simple cube with some extrusions, very low poly. i didnt generate any uvs, maybe there is the problem (on the other hand when i saved to OBJ the model imported perfectly and looked as expected in Unity). Will try later.

Thanks for testing!


2.4.0 Beta B: I wanted to ‘ZoomView In’ with Alt Scroll Wheel but it’s not working.
The Mouse Settings are the same as in 2.3


Woot bug fixes!! Thanks folks!


I hope there’s a Mac version soon!


Haven’t used Silo for some time and don’t know my serial #. How do I find it.


I’m still getting the errors, even with models that work in unity when exported to OBJ, but not as FBX. DAE works with wrong orientation, but thats just a question of finding the right settings.

In Unity4 the importer errors out and doesn’t import anything. In Unity5 the error says that there is no geometry but still imports the shape.

Anyone else?


Their kickstarter project failed and they finally got to senses and maybe decide to give people what they want. Pitty it took them 10 years to made this obvious decision but if they deliver some real deal I may forgive them.


I’m having the same issue, which is a bummer, because muscle memory keeps making me try to use that function. I can Alt-click the wheel to zoom, but I’d prefer the wheel.


It appears that none of the alt-modifiers work with the scroll wheel in this version.


woohoo 2.4!

fbx/collada support is a great idea, glad to see it!


Hi to everybody.
I have a problem with “ctrl-alt-scroll” about Cycle Shading Forward/Rewind. In 2.3 was ok, in 2.4 beta i see it in Mouse setting, but doesn’t work.
Thank you


My trial now crashes before opening. Not sure if it is related to the registration dialogue.

Using windows 10 64 bit*


I don’t know why the developers changed the mouse settings in several parts of the program.
And the bad thing is that you cannot change it by yourself.
All the people who are used to the old settings will curse about that.


silo keeps crashing on startup. tried reinstalling. windows 10 64bit