Silo 2.3


Hi, guys.
I don’t know if this is well known, but some people complain that only those who bought the software from Steam get last update.
If you don’t get your update. Go to nevercenter website and download silo trial.
Trial is 2.3
On Mac it automatically register to 2.3 professional (since my previous version is legit).
I don’t know if on Windows is the same. Maybe you will have to type your registration code by your self.

Hope it helped.


Thanks for the “heads up” rafaljb, downloaded and testing now - registration is recognized automagically. (reminder: PC version is 32bit only at this time)

Also, Thanks for the update Nevercenter, here’s hoping for more Silo goodness in the future.

take care


What? Where did Nevercenter announce it? Relese notes? wow…


Whats new???
I see it moved to Qt version 5


No FBX exporter or importer. :frowning:


The interface looks neater with a little more space between menu items and text in the various editor panels - might take up a bit too much room on smaller displays though.

Be interested to see a change/fixed log.


I’m having weird issues with the mousewheel and selecting… anyone else noticed something?
alt+middle click that i use as pan now also zooms the view, without scrolling… is this a setting, can i change it (checked the mouse settings, but couldn’t find a working solution


I thought it had brought my mouse config in from my 2.2 install, but maybe he has changed the default mouse mapping.

The default was alt-lmb rotate, alt-mmb pan, alt-rmb zooom

I guess now it’s alt-lmb pan, alt-mmb zoom and alt-rmb rotate by default which is my preferred config.

You can change it back in the mouse settings. Click the middle tab and change Alt MMB to Pan, or load up the config from your 2.2 install.


Of course my previous 2.2 config is being used. I forgot that Silo Data is stored in User/Documents since Windows Vista due to write access restrictions to the program files folder (it used to be stored in the installation folder).


I’m trying to use Silo in conjunction with Unity, but without FBX export it’s difficult.
The obj doesn’t export smoothing, and the material just says Default. :frowning:


Maybe the free Shade 3D* for Unity could be a solution
It’s available for free at the Mac App Store. Windows version is available at

*It’s the complete Shade 3D modeling animation suite, sans the render engine.



'm trying to use Silo in conjunction with Unity, but without FBX export it’s difficult.
The obj doesn’t export smoothing, and the material just says Default.

Refine the mesh and then save as obj.
It comes in smooth in an old Unity I have.
You may have to scale it up in unity.
if you have Lightwave you can do the subdivision smoothing in there(if you don’t want to refine it) and export it from there.


I’ve tried Shade a long time ago, i think it was version 9, for the moment I export the obj, then import it to Blender then do the rest there.
But I wanted not to switch Apps.
BTW are you a Shade user ? :), how it compares with Softimage on the modeling side ?

@nik75 - I know about the refine mesh, but I didn’t talked about that. :slight_smile: I’m talking about " Making an edge Sharp or Smooth by angle or manual input " ( Smoothing Groups ).


Hi Giakaama7,

i only suggested Shade 3D for Unity as additional tool for Silo, because you asked for .fbx support. I’m a Shade user, yes, but can’t compare it to Softimage because i’m on a Mac. BTW. since you said you used Shade 9, there’s a whole new UI and some more polygon modeling tools available now in Shade, compared to Shade 9.

Best regards


Ok what’s the point of this update more space in menus ?! Still crashing and unstable !!


Like usual the rumor mill going strong without a word from NeverCenter.


Doesnt work man… I loaded my 2.2 settings and didnt work as seen in the gif, im NOT scrolling, just clicking the wheel as i’ve been doing for the past 5 years with 2.2.

I noticed something (developer might check if this is true) my mouse has a function to scroll left or right by pushing the wheel slightly left or right. Doing so zooms in and out… but clicking the wheel also does zoom in (same as wheel left)… so for now im sticking with 2.2, i’m just too used to my workflow with ALT+MMB.


Do you have a vendor specific mouse driver installed (setpoint or similar?) could be conflicting. You may need to explicitly tell it that the MMB is MMB and not zoom or autoscroll etc.

I just changed my Alt-MMB to pan and it works as expected.


Mouse works just the way it did in 2.2 but then again I’m a PC user.


Thanks man, i didnt have any drivers installed (logitech mouse), but installed setpoint and the problem got fixed… almost. Now MMB doesnt continually zoom, but when pressing it it zooms a little and stays there… old Silo continues to work as it has for millenia no problems there (before and after installing drivers).


Waiting for 2.3RC…