Silo 2.3 officially released


Which ubuntu version? Any other changes from the usual besides just using the binary nvidia drivers?


Hello dear Mike, I use Ubuntu 14.04 64bit, the newest version. Black screens I have also with the free opensource driver. I did have the same also with Lubuntu and Kubuntu …

I changed nothing after the installation. But maybe there are some fragements from Kubuntu in Ubuntu? Because I used the same partitions / and I didn’t have made a format of these. But ubuntu runs fine, only not with silo …

End the gear test (glxgears) was also fine, with fast rotations.

In Windows runs the new silo 2.3 fine (I have a dual-boot-system).


An update(!), great news, I’m back to Silo after a very long time! No problems so far on my MAC (OSX 10.9.4)


I’m just wondering now how many of these posts from ‘users’ are from fake accounts. Here is a grab from nevercenter’s fb page where there is a comment from a ‘user’ but NC have forgotten to switch accounts. That’s pretty unprofessional and embarrassing. Unless there is a simple explanation of course…


Who cares, they are just a small team of developers. You are just being petty. :curious:
But it is funny! :smiley:


I’m in facobook too, but why I should use in facebook my realname? So I’m a facebookfake too … but it means nothing, because I’m a Silo-User since some years :wink:


Can any of you who experienced the black-screen issue on Ubuntu (or derivatives thereof) who haven’t yet been in contact with Nevercenter support PM me or email We have an Ubuntu 14.04 LTS specific build that we’re testing to see if it fixes the issue.

I tried for the life of me to reproduce the issue, but I couldn’t ever get it to trigger. So the build is a tiny bit of a shot in the dark, but we’d like to not force people to run Silo in a CentOS or Fedora VM if their primary is Ubuntu. :wink:


I installed Fedora on a extern USB-HDD, but I did have there also black-window issues. Is this maybe also an issue with my hardware also/only?

Okay, today I did get a mail from Stephanie from your company, I will try that build :slight_smile:
But I couldn’t dowload it from google, I will try it tomorrow - its a google problem …

ps. Maybe it will run okay, if I will spend next weeks a new GPU - I will replace my weak Geforce GTX 550Ti with a new GTX970 … (not for silo, because silo don’t need a powerfull GPU, but for other grafic tools I need more power & vram).


You also got it on Fedora (20 I assume)? :curious: I’m beginning to wonder if Silo is doing something odd with OpenGL that is tripping up on certain hardware. I’ll keep investigating, although it’s hard because I simply haven’t been able to trigger the black screen issue at all on any of my setups.


I’ll ask Stephanie what happened with that comment, because that does look pretty bizarre. I don’t have any access to the Silo3D facebook account (heck, I don’t even have a facebook login for myself), but it’s probably just a comment from a user that came in via email that she was quoting and didn’t properly attribute. She’s definitely not one to pull shenanigans. :wink:


First reports back regarding the custom Ubuntu build are that it doesn’t solve it, so back to the drawing board for me on that issue.


I’m running on Fedora 21 and don’t have the black screen problem. I’m using the 343.36 version of the Nvidia driver on a GTX460, if that helps.

I have another issue, when I rotate, pan and zoom (also when using the manipulators) the program is really slow. It takes it a while to catch up with my mouse movements and makes it difficult to use.


The black-screen issue seems to be a locale thing, so if you had by default a US-based locale (or at least a numeric locale where numbers are written as 123,456.78 instead of 123.456,78) then you wouldn’t see the issue.

I’ve seen the slowness in response; usually this happens with models that have been highly subdivided and thus have lots of polygons to display through OpenGL. I’m looking into possible solutions, but it’ll take a while as it’s a general optimization issue in how Silo displays it geometry. As we improve our usage of OpenGL the lag issue will be mitigated to a large extent (as well as allow you to model with higher poly counts).


In testing on Windows 7 64 bit, I can’t open and .stl file. It either hangs and never opens or crashes.

I tested each file by opening in other software before trying. They open just fine, but not in Silo.


Confirmed. I downloaded an stl file to test and it does crash silo. It was a binary stl file.

Checked Silo’s stl export opts, and Export Binary is checked, but the output is certainly ascii so seems there’s an issue with binary stl in silo.


Thanks for responding Mike. :slight_smile: Unfortunately the lag issue happens irregardless of the poly count. Even a cube is slow to manipulate, or using the lasso select, etc.


I tested it too under OSX but here it’s working fine. binary stl import and binary stl export.



Thanks for confirming that for me. I’m just converting them to .obj’s so no biggie, but it would be nice if it worked.