Silo 2.3 officially released


New features:

  • Moved to more modern Qt 5.x
  • Linux support (RHEL/CentOS 6, recent Fedoras, recent Ubuntus have been tested; not all distros will work)
  • 64-bit support for Mac OS X and Linux
  • STL import
  • Bug fixes

Official release announcements:

And it’s live on the website:

The download link for the Linux version is pointing at the Mac OS X version, we’re getting that corrected, so Linux users hang tight for a bit.

If you guys run into trouble with it, let us know (


Linux download link and installer are now corrected.


Silo 2.3 Known Issues

All Platforms:

  • FACT exchange between Electric Image Animation Software (EIAS) doesn’t appear to work. We are looking into it, and are in contact with the EIAS folks.

  • OBJ export then loaded into Substance Painter causes Substance Painter to crash. There are reports that importing the Silo-made OBJs into another package first (like Roadkill) and then exporting again will produce OBJs that Substance Painter can read properly.

  • Empty meshes (deleting all polygons out of them) cannot be finally removed from the scene, even in the scene editor. A workaround is to select the empty object in the scene editor, create a polygon with the Polygon Tool, select it in object mode, and then delete it.

  • Meshes with non-standard topology, such as having three or more faces share the same edge, will cause subdivision to produce corrupted results. Boolean operations and other operations may also fail on such meshes. It is planned in the future to have a mesh cleaner operation that can help remove problematic pieces of geometry for situations like this.

Linux Only:

  • Some desktop environments, such as Gnome, bind the Alt key to move windows by default. You must go into the window or keyboard preferences of your desktop environment to use a different key (such as “super”) instead, so that Silo’s default use of Alt for camera movement will work.

Windows Only:

  • Old data from Silo 2.2 and before may reside in the “Silo Data” folder inside “My Documents”. This old data may cause issues as the newer Silo will try to use it as-is. If you run into missing icons, key bindings, or other issues, please rename Silo Data to something else. Silo will recreate the folder with the new default Silo 2.3 data, and you will be able to set up your preferences after that from within Silo.


Additional Linux Notes

The linux version of Silo is for x86-64 systems based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (and CentOS) version 6 or better. Many linux distributions will run it fine, but not all linux flavors are guaranteed to work. Generally, if the X windows system and glibc versions are the same or newer, Silo will likely work on that system.

We have tested RHEL/CentOS, recent Ubuntus (such as 14.04 and onward), recent Fedoras (16 and onward should work). Lubuntu and Gentoo thus far, possibly depending on the window manager, may have issues with black contents in the windows.

If you have a recent linux distribution that is well known and doesn’t work, please let us know by telling us your linux distribution and release, key system specs (CPU, RAM). We cannot guaranty support for all distributions, but we’d like to hit the widest range we can.


Don’t forget to update the app store on osx. I purchased Silo 2.2 from the nevercenter website. Is there a way to have the trial version in the app store?

When there are updates, I would like to get the alert. I do not think I can add a purchase from another site to the the app store purchase list.


Yeah, when purchasing from the Mac App Store, Apple handles the purchase, so you don’t have a reg code like you do if you were to download/purchase it directly from I don’t think the trial version can go on the app store in the same way (it relies on the reg code stuff, which probably violates some Apple guideline).

If you purchase Silo from the website, you should be able to download and register any of the three platform versions with your reg code you got for 2.2. No need to go to the app store or steam to get it (but if you started on those stores, you should stay there, or ask to be upgraded to the reg-code version by emailing nevercenter support).

Nevercenter is in process for putting together an email notification to all users to let them know Silo 2.3 is available, and there’s a newsletter you ought to sign up for so you can get word of the updates. Nevercenter is pretty good about not abusing the communications channels otherwise. :wink:


Any ETA on 64-bits for Windows?


@mikefarny, I’m one of the tester with Linux Lubuntu, I mailed with Stephanie from your company … and I have these black windows

I use:

  • Lubuntu 14.04 64bit
  • Intel 2600k CPU
  • GTX 550TI GPU
  • 32GB Kingston RAM

Can you solve this problem soon? On the other hand I can change my system e.g. to kubuntu or other distributions too :wink:

Edit: I asked in a german ubuntu forum about the black screen problems in Lubuntu, maybe its okay if I install COMPIZ for Linux Lubuntu … I will test it, befor I change my Linux-System :wink:


After softimage assassination, this is a great news for me! Silo is the modeller I really loved in the past and the nevecerter abandonment was a bad hit for me.

Please, new features, like a Silo GoZ, and I’ll buy others two copies.


What is going on with this release? I downloaded and none of the keyboard or mouse bindings are there. I mean none. Is this a known issue or do I have to go in and set up shortcuts for everything? I thought my mouse was broken or something because I couldn’t rotate the viewport.


Which platform, and which location did you get it from? There was a previous report that I think was Silo from steam on windows where it didn’t seem to properly create and populate the “My Documents\Silo Data” folder. Can you check that folder and see if it has anything in it, if you’re on windows?


Actually, I can imagine compiz potentially not playing nice with Silo and Qt 5, but I don’t know for sure. It’s on my list to get Lubuntu in a VM and play with it to see if I can’t improve the Silo situation on that distro. If you get a chance to try out Kubuntu, I’d be much obliged if you could report back and let me know if it ran well on there (regular gnome/unity Ubuntu seems to work fine so far).


OK, dear Mike, so I will try it with Kubuntu, and I will test it next days. If there are problems I will use Ubuntu.


I got Silo on my Mac, from the App Store. Did the update to 2.3 and now I can’t even open the software. It crashes on every try. Hoping for another update.

Have tried on OSX 10.9.3 and 10.9.4, on an iMac and a Macbook Pro.


Please try downloading it from and installing it that way. It may run in trial mode, but that should give us time to figure out what happened to your installation. The app store version is a little different.


Removed Silo downloaded from the App Store and downloaded the 2.3 trial for Mac from Unfortunately, it still crashes on every attempt to start it. It did however, show a register window that I dismissed and then a glimpse of the Silo interface. Then it crashes.


One thing I’d like to see are bezier curves and an extrude along curves tool.
Also an extrude steps type thing might be good where you can type in extrude 5 steps and a distance for example.
Any chance of actually getting some kind of history type stuff in there?


Hello dear mikefarny, I installed LINUX KUBUNTU now, really fresh over a new partition. Now I have the same black windows in silo

What can I do, what can we do? I think it’s a problem with qt5 and kubuntu?

Any idea for me and other users?

I installed also the recomended NVIDIA Driver. Hope that someone can help :wink:



Wow, an actual update! I’ll be trying this as soon as I’m able.


I have black Windows also in UBUNTU :frowning: I don’t know why, I mailed it to your support-mail account, dear nevercenter-readers.