Silo 2.3 64-Bit when for Windows?


Hello Nevercenter Team,

It is great to see the 2.3 release including 64-Bit versions of Mac OS and Linux, as I am a Windows only user I wonder when we can expect the 64-Bit version as most of my models die on the memory limit wall to be finished in Silo,



I’ve got this on my list. The Mac OS X version and Linux version are both now 64-bit only, so it’s just a matter of taking the time to work through the build issues on the windows side. No promises on a date, but hopefully pretty soon here.


That sounds good, thank you :wink:


Yeah, it always “sounds good” but its always very little very late.


Heh, you are so very encouraging. :slight_smile: I’m working on it.


Everyone give mike a break. He is engaging the community and has already made progress with silo. Lets be more positive around here!


Looking forward to the 64 bit version. Having fun with what I have. Thank you for your efforts.


Yeah, good old InfoCentral
It’s for many years always the same with him on lot’s of 3D related forums.



Yeah, and I see they are practically giving away Shade as well. I guess if anyone used any common sense they would be using Blender now which is FREE!


And what if you don’t like Blender? I wish Blender had a better interface, because it would be a great free app to use. But Silo is easier for modeling and I don’t have to think too much about making a model.

I think that Silo should be cheaper, but they do have sales every so often. If you like Blender better than use it instead. I think most Silo users have tried Blender before and that is why they still use Silo to make 3D models.


Great, I think I would invest in something that is actively being developed like Modo or 3D Coat but to each his own. OTOH, if you want a Silo seat then that can be had for $20.


Modo, perhaps, could be called an investment. Silo? I spent more in the pub last night.

I could be wrong, but it does appear that there is some active development going on too.


It certainly appears that way but you know the saying, appearances can be deceitful. Didn’t the person doing the developing said from the start that he was just helping out and not to expect too much?


The 64 bit version itself will at least be a considerable improvement.


Yep, it just goes to show you that one mans not too much is another mans considerable…


Then maybe it could be used again and I could recommend it to others.

Skeptical should be expected considering the history, the list we voted on and were promised so many years ago and how hard it was to get any information.

PC’s have the overwhelming majority of the market. Odd Windows was not the first consideration. Very odd.

No offense Mac folks :stuck_out_tongue: Budgets are tight.

I’d love to use Silo for some things if it could handle the poly’s. Fingers crossed.

ETA: Still incapable of opening models over maybe 400,000 poly’s. It will still be a dinosaur until we have 64 bit. Fingers crossed.


Hmm, I hoped they changed! I didn’t know they didn’t give any information? Maybe they should have been called NeverTalk instead of NeverCenter? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I am hopeful that Nevercenter will make Silo better. I am glad that at least someone is filling us in on the progress. They really need to add some new things since people don’t want to spend over $100 on a small app.

I will be waiting for that 2.3.1 or 2.4 update, however they number it.


Well, there’s an old saying: “Little things please little minds” :slight_smile: .


Is the target date Christmas?


Why you ask, as a license holder of modo? Can’t you meanwhile model not something with your 64bit copy of modo? Or is modo to buggy and difficult to use for you? Just wondering