Silo 2.3.1 released


I’m a few days late announcing it here, but we have released Silo 2.3.1 for Windows, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, Mac OS X 10.9 64-bit, and Linux 64-bit. Here are the release notes:

[li] Data directories have changed, so we can stop having a bad launch experience for those coming from Silo 2.2 and earlier. We now differentiate them by version, and they will be in “My Documents\Silo\2.3-x86…” for win 32-bit, “My Documents\Silo\2.3-x64…” for win 64-bit, “~/.silo/2.3-x64/…” for linux, and buried deep in app support on OS X in “com.nevercenter.silo2/2.3-x64/…”[/li][li] The Windows versions are now large-address-aware, this is particularly helpful for 32-bit users when running on a 64-bit windows. Silo can now use 4 GB of RAM instead of just 2 GB.[/li][li] Windows 64-bit native version. The 64-bit version can handle larger meshes due to availability of more than 4 GB of RAM, the same as the Mac OS X and Linux versions which are already 64-bit native starting in Silo 2.3.[/li][li] The black-window issue on Linux has been fixed, which was caused by European numeric locales. Silo now forces a US/UTF-8 locale on launch. Some distros may still setup the locale incorrectly, so if you use a non-US locale and run into issues, please let us know at what distribution / locale you are using.[/li][li] A cut tool crash has been fixed. This was particularly easily triggered on Mac OS X and Windows, but could eventually happen to Linux users as well.[/li][li] Alt/option key handling on OS X has been fixed. This fix was made available early in the Mac-only version 2.3.02 as well.[/li][li] It is now possible to delete empty objects in the scene editor.[/li][li] Exported OBJs should play much better with Substance Painter.[/li][li] Context menu placement on OS X with multi-monitor setups should be fixed.[/li][li] Retina display issues on OS X should be mostly fixed, although we don’t have Retina-resolution icons yet.[/li][/ul]
Known Issues, Mac OS X:

[li] There is a rare OS X crash immediately on launch; please send bug reports to if you encounter this.[/li][li] Silo does not remember the texture assigned to the materials across sessions due to Apple sandboxing. To get textures to display, you must re-select the texture with the file selection dialog from the material dock during your Silo session.[/li][/ul]
Known Issues, All Platforms:

[li] FACT files exported to EIAS don’t work properly. As a workaround, try another export format if you need to interchange with EIAS.[/li][li] Exporting to OBJ will not include UVs for subdivided surfaces unless you refine the control mesh first. As a workaround, you can refine meshes, export, and undo the refinement.[/li][/ul]
Update: the new data directory locations may require you to re-enter your registration info. Sorry about that little hassle.

Happy modeling!


Great work man!
Thank you!


Awesome. Has the update hit Steam yet?


One user has reported problems running the new version on Windows XP and Vista (but not 7 or 8), so if any of you run into that let me know. Dropping XP support is probably reasonable, but we don’t mean to leave any Vista users out to dry.


I’m not sure, I don’t think so. I’ll remind the powers that be that we should tie up that loose end if it hasn’t happened yet.


Where does one go to upgrade? I found the Nevercenter page but not seeing anything there about upgrade, just download trial…

Never mind… found it…




Thank you. Seems to load and work much faster, as it should. Your efforts are much appreciated.


Thank you look forward to running this new release


Great Work! Thanks for the update Mike :slight_smile:


I am getting a display error when moving position with the snapping manipulator (64bit version, win Vista).

The grid and manipulator vanish, and the distance display is offset from the object by quite a distance.


Thanks, I’ll try to repro that and get a fix going.


Just updated the nvidia drivers on the off-chance that would be the issue, still the same.

On the subject of the snapping manipulator. When it was first introduced, in Silo 1.4 I think, the centre handle snapped; but since v2 this is not the case.

Snapping to a component with the centre handle makes initial positioning much easier. As it is, you have to move two or three times to place an object on a specific point - if the centre handle snapped it would be done in one move.

It would be great if you could add that back in (maybe make it optional for those who like it as it is).


Maybe make it snap but then if you hold say shift while moving it, it doesn’t snap?


That may interfere with a mouse binding. Simpler functionality is already implemented - hold w key to activate regular move manipulator and release to get snapping back.

Also, when snapping with the centre widget, I think it should auto orient to the target normal vector.


Thanks for sticking with it Mike! Now I have something to do over the holidays! :wink:


Thanks and glad I popped in. Last time I got an email, but nothing this time.


Mike that is great news and good work, to finally get this update live on the NC site. A linux version was at the top of my wish list and did not expect it - you are a diamond!

Oh, I did some testing for the linux version not long ago(about March? Can’t remember exactly); I’m just wondering if there was more work done on Silo since then, and need to update from that beta version I tested?

Cheers, Mike.


hello, is there any plan to deploy the version 2.3.1 of silo on steam ?


There is no native version for x64 on windows, either you have messed up the installer, not provided the x64 installer or are just plain lying, sorry if that sounds harsh, previous experience with nevercenter withstanding :wink:


Is it possible you did not notice that after you install the latest version, the prior version is still there unless you removed it. I say that because I forgot to unpin from the taskbar and clicked on it and opened the previous version and realized I had to pin the icon for the newly installed version.