Silo 2.0 news


I just saw this on their site ,also a new video on 2.0

Merry christmas to all.


Thanks for the information, too bad that we have to wait longer then expected…:shrug:


Hm… first modo… now Silo… wonder if there’s a link there. :wink:


I think it is becoming a sad trend that software deadlines are routinely missed. I am sure it is better to wait for solid stable coding though. Just sucks that it seems so many developers are prone to this.

Better late than buggy!


A trend towards delayed, yet solid product, and away from rushed buggy crap is a trend that I am behind 100%. However, I am 150% behind rushed, solid software ;p


I also agree 100% on solid stable code taking priority.
What I think is triggering these delays is the pressure on developers nowadays. There is a lot of competition in this industry.
Also support forums are full of us users “nagging” developers about release dates. Basically almost forcing them to make (precarious) promises while at the same time relentlessly demanding new features. It can’t be easy being a DCC developer these days. Hats off to them. And let’s hope the stable code trend takes off. Clean efficient code is an artform on it’s own! :thumbsup:


it’s true it’s sad this trend of delaying releases, although I forgive Silo because they’re new, small and very honest.


If anyone thinks delays in release of software when it comes to specific and small user based compared to average comsumer 'ware is a new trend doesn’t remember history well enough when it comes to our idustry.
Haha, to me this is expected and a welcoming sign that they are not going to put software out just to hit a date and fix what they are fixing now for a 2.01 release after the issues become glaringly clear. Fix it now, save us users the headache of discovery :wink:


I guess it isnt a new trend but I am feeling a bit burned ever since the newtek lw 8 delay… That is when I noticed these missed deadlines so much. I dont mind nevercenter missing the release date because from the sound of it it is because of opportunity to strengthen the code more. It will certainly be worth the wait.


yeah, I understand that! I havn’t hit a point where the missing tools or upgrades are keeping me from creating. Thats when you know you need them, when you hit a wall with content vs. time and a new tool would elevate the problem. Pretty much, you can do just about everything fundamentally in versions of software years old…but the time and hasstle without the new stuff isn’t worth it. Inoventions let us bother with other details that get dropped for having to deal with the other


definately its better to have a solid product than a rushed one that has to meet a public deadline - but the question remains: why succumb to public pressure for a release date when you’ll inevitably have to dissapoint that same public? maybe release a very broad and ambiguous date e.g. “late2005/ early 2006 if no delays are encountered”

IMO release dates should be well over-estimated so that, if nothing else, everyone will get a nice suprise when its released early!!!


Well, this is just speculation…but heres what I think happened. This is a small group here, they went to Siggraph, meet with some folks and needed some capital for whatever. So, they posted that if you purchase 1.4 at the 100 something bucks then when 2.0 comes out, and they had to give a date to make it seem sooner rather than later, you get it for a free upgrade. This allowed them to get users to buy then, rather than wait.
I for one, was going to wait till around now to purchase it because I don’t have a lot of time till around the holidays to mess around with new stuff, but, based on the fact that I didn’t want 2.0 to cost like 200 bucks instead of the 99 I could pay then, I did.
I’m sure a lot of others did as well wich gave them the cash for development and go after some code I’m sure they wanted to implament.
So in a sense telling us they will be done around end of 05 so buy now, was a smart move. They really, I’m sure, wanted to hit that date, but rather than be overlly generous with the date and have people go…oh march 06? I’ll buy it later…a 90 day window seemed to really make you put out the cash.


hehe i think your giving jamchild and feed WAY to much credit for being sneaky marketing geniuses :slight_smile: i dont think there was any pre meditated marketing plan like that. there was a little more info on the closed beta board. basically its just a lot of work. and there is so much cool stuff that can side track you. like optimization of algorithms, new features etc. remember there is no boss barking out deadlines at nevercenter. the developers are the last word. a situation that seems to make Superior software but maybe slippery deadlines.


So Brook you’re on the beta ?
Let’s talk, first would you like a whisky with your beer ? :twisted:

Ok I guess you can’t speak, but can you at least tell us if Silo 2 is going to rock our world or not ? :slight_smile:


The beta team hasn’t been given a version of 2.0 yet?

We are waiting to see how everything comes together, just l ike you. I wish we could tell you all about 2.0 for a Guiness and Jameson, but we can’t, since we know what you know. :slight_smile:


you can still buy me a beer tho…:beer:


:smiley: It’s true… we’ve been most unkind to our beta testers. But we’re getting ever closer to the first beta. The issues which brought about our delay were, for the most part, now-or-never opportunities for modifying the core. Our new windowing system is a big example. We have to decide whether to not add them at all for 2.x, or to take a little longer and make the change now. We strongly believe these changes will be well worth the delay to our users, so we’re working on them now. It is true that it’s also the nature of software development that you don’t really know how long things are going to take. Some elements go in much quicker than planned. Others can drag on annoyingly due to nagging issues. So it’s almost always an educated guess, especially when you’re attempting to do something you haven’t done before. (At the same time, there are things you can do to make sure you hit close to your target. You’ve just got to decide how high on the priority scale that is.) We’re still learning how best to handle it all, but we want to balance somewhere in the middle. We don’t want to shut out the community entirely and say nothing until the software is ready, and we don’t want to provide hard deadlines and disappoint everyone.


Keep up the fantastic work. it’s actually nice to see a company do it right instead of thinking about the money first and say they will fix it later.




So, bottom line…what is the expected release date now?