Nevercenter show us nothing revolutionnary, and of course no update.
This is very a deception.

This package is no more a great challenger for me


I haven’t laughed so much for a couple of days


dear Shortgrey
what do you want? Intergalactic update? bzzt bzzzzzt zzzzt zzzbbzzt

they already said they’re gonna do these updates many months ago…where were you? When did you decieve yourself with something so obvious for a long long time…:slight_smile:

If you want something revolutionary …read human “history” :slight_smile: there are serious amount of revolutions for your taste…
Displacement painting and UV mapping enhancements and workflow enhancements… im gonna update my Silo right away.

(BTW i really wanna see that displacement mapping video)

(Hey Nu…come to see lightwave whiners if you wanna laugh more…:))


I’ve already seen the Newtek whiners, They annoy me a lot :slight_smile:
Newtek annoy me too for not getting a couple of vidz out to shut them fools up.

I think NC are sorting out the vid problem now :wink:

PS 1.42 release too


“dear Shortgrey
what do you want? Intergalactic update? bzzt bzzzzzt zzzzt zzzbbzzt”

Lol, when i see modo update i think NC update are disappointing. That’s all.
I love this program but was waiting better, when i see modo, or xsi update and the price difference which is not so big…

Was just giving my opinion, if you felt offensed i’m sorry.


Erm i think we have a mathematically challenged person here.

Not much difference in pricing between MODO ($700) XSI ($500 to infinity it seems) and Silo ($109)
Personally i would say that close to 500% is a huge difference.

Nobody is offended and MODOs paint tools look great but i would expect those in Silo at some stage (UV Tools Displacement PAINTING - Natural progression PAINTING and texturing) and with Silo they will probably work well too.


yeah but in modo and xsi you have a complete package now for exemple for xsi with mental ray you only have to pay 495 $ The difference is only 386 $.

I don’t know if i am good at math but 386 $ more for a complete package with MR is interesting.

That’s all.


Nevercenter is a company of 2 and a user base of thousands. That they charge $110 for Silo is ridiculous. The upgrade is probably going to be about $50.

New XSI users who were lured in by the ‘revolutionary’ $495 price tag now have to pay almost that for the upgrade!

I should also remind you that that $110 gets you 3 seats!


Sure XSI foundation has to be the best value 3d app on the planet but Softimage couldn’t sell it at that price if they were’nt selling other versions for $1000s! Modo is looking sensibly priced now compared to being extortionately expensive before this update.

Silo is still extraordinarily good value though in my opinion, an astoundingly good subd modeler, with excellent UV mapping to come, displacement mapping and the ability to handle huge numbers of polys. What do you want for $109!


$386 are you kiddin
What about the yearly fee for support ?


lol and the price for the gas to go to the shop…
your not serious Bunka 6


No i think your joking and not actually fully considering what you are trying to say, Silo is nowhere near the cost of XSI and for you to say so is ridiculous end of story.


No i’m not joking u are a fan of Silo …good… but you will not convince me that Silo is the Siggraph revelation in term of news.


Are you quite sane ?
I never mentioned Silo stealing the show at all ?
I was correcting your point that Silo is not much difference in price to XSI or MODO which is completly undeniably wrong.

I dont for one minute think they stole the show for various reasons and the main one being Nevercenter dont do show stopping features they do features you will use every single day of your modelling life.

Lightwave in my opinion has stolen the show so far for me personally, They have lowered the price to less than MODO and the new feature list is unbelievable.

Please dont try and make out this is fanboyism when all i was doing was correcting your rather stupid comment.


lol yeah you’re right sleep well kid.


Come on kids…play nice.

Yes, Modo and XSI are full packages so it’s not really fair to compare prices for all of these apps. Buy what you want, love what you use, it’s all good…


I wouldn’t put Modo on XSI Foundation’s category just yet ;).

No other app gives you more bang for the buck than XSI Foundations, though when you consider modelling apps, Silo’s price is pretty appropriate IMO.


Sorry but no :slight_smile:

I couldn’t care less about features and if ones a package or not.
I was correcting the basic mathematical mistake that was made.
That is MODO and XSI are considerably more expensive than Silo, Well actually unless you are extremely rich.


I believe he was talking about the price difference between Modo and XSI…could’ve been a language barrier thing. :shrug:


No, I meant to say that Modo still isn’t a complete package as some suggested.