Silo 1.3 annouces a great new tool!


Silo 1.3 will bring in a great looking new tool: the Topology Brush. It actually allows you to PAINT the desired mesh topology over existing polygons…check it out here:

[b][i]"One of the most direct uses is to free up your modelling. You can work out the form in Silo or any other application (say, ZBrush or even 3d scan data,) without worrying at all about edge flow or topology. Once you’ve gotten the basic form you like, you go in and draw a new topology onto the mesh. A new mesh is created (with vertices at the intersections of the lines you’ve drawn) based on your lines. This is many times faster than trying to rework the topology using split tool, spin edge, etc. Another example is making a low-res version of a high-res model. You can import the high res, and then draw out all the topology for the low-res with regular sorts of pen tools - adding lines, deleting lines or parts of lines, continuing from existing lines.

For many people, there can be a disconnect between the shape they see on the screen (say, a box figure), and the shape they want to end up with. Often they can see how they want the edges to flow, but don’t know how to get from point a to point b. And the time it takes to get between the two can kill the creative flow. So you could plan out the shape with a simple box figure, draw a more complex topology onto it, and then move the newly-created verts into a better position."

Nevercenter’s Silo looks set to have one of the brightest futures in the industry. BTW a final Mac version is out too!


Wow that sounds pretty sweet! I think I’ll have to go out and give Silo a try after the next release!


not bad for $100… hehe… maybe i shouldnt have bought that maya license


Here is a teaser pick of what the topology brush can do for you.

Draw strokes right onto an existing mesh.

And there you have your new topplogy. It is also simple to add new strokes, edit, delete, offset and so on.

Being on the beta team, others as well as myself got to play with this feature and it really is as amazing as it looks.



I came to the conclusion that this would be a great way to generate meshes after reconstructing meshes in Maya from zbrush ‘3D sketches’ using its regular toolset, which proved quite tedious.

And here it is - my interest has certainly been piqued.

Does anyone know if any other packages can do this sort of thing, natively or with plugins/scripts?


That is basically what paraform and cyslice do, but they output nurbs instead of poly’s (well the ancient version of paraform I use at work does anyway). This is really cool that Silo is offering this functionality at such a low price point. I will definately be buying Silo now.


very interesting… can’t wait to try this out.


Ooh, and how long has Maya had this feature? Suppose it’s new to Silo.

[edit]if Silo is that much cheaper, then I suppose that’s their selling point.


Maya has never had a topology brush feature.


That’s really pretty slick.


This is going to work amazingly well in conjunction with Zbrush! Way to go nevercenter…

And the cool thing about owning Silo, is that it is yet another free update. These guys are really raising the bar for poly modelling yet again. Can’t wait to see what they do for uv editing and displacement modelling, which are in the pipeline!


Trust me, they are not even done. They have even more special stuff in the que.



Wow, now that looks like a very cool tool :slight_smile:

and slide is coming as well for Silo… etc etc etc… I am going to my bank… :smiley:


Silo rocks !!!
THis is definitly an amazing tool, there are too many times when you’re stuck in a stupid mesh topology and you have to break everything and start again, this will allow me to build better faces for example (easier loops I guess).


This is common technique in production. Usually involves some kind of Shrink Wrap tool.

It’ great that they added it!


Thats a very impressive tool.


Wow, combined with ZBrush this could be a godsend - Way to go, you Silo guys! :slight_smile:


I’ve been looking and asking for a tool like this for 3ds max. Looks like I’ll be trying out Silo now too. I think it’s worth it for this feature alone if it does a good job with it. Thanks to the Silo guys for pushing the modeling tools forwards!



That is very sweet, especially from a 100$ app. As has been said, combined with Zbrush it opens up a very cool workflow. Still would like to try it out before I pull out my nemesis (VISA card), despite it only being 100$.


Really an amazing tool wich will make modelling really fun and fast!
this is one of the tools that i always dreamed of :drool:
a great thing would be a combination of a tool like that in Zbrush or vice versa wich has only some basic tool and workflow for low poly modelling because it’s designed for million polys modelling!! a team up between these two apps would be revolutionary!!! :slight_smile: