silly run cycle


silly run cycle

  Ok, maybe not that silly. But I did this in 5 hours more or less. That's a record for me :) I'm trying to crank out animations to get comfortable animating. Anyway, crit away!


wow, I like the way the tongue moves. Good job, ive got no crits


Hey! Very nice! He’s very expressive and has lots of personallity.

Only crit would be to adjust the curves as his feet leave the ground and go into their extreme pose. I would change it to a “quick out” and “hang” at the split extreme of the legs.

I converted your quicktime to a bink if you want to download it. I like looking an anims with bink because I can set the player to seemlessly “loop”. Then I can just sit back and watch the cycle over and over, noting all the mistakes.

Thanks for the rendering tips, btw :slight_smile: very useful!

Here’s the file:

Great job!:thumbsup:


Thanks for the comments guys!

Thanks for the bink file Pod, I’m surprised how much it compressed the file. I definately agree with the timing of the legs. That’s one of the first things I spotted after watching it a while. Thank you so much for the suggestion. And you’re welcome


Cool! Yeah, bink’s pretty rockin. I plug it every chance I get( :slight_smile:

What’s cool about it is that you get such little quality loss and a tiny file. Only downside is lots of ppl have nervous issues running an .exe file.

Ready for your next cycle!


to solve the looping issue, add this to your html…

<embed width=“350” height=“197” src=“” controller=“true” loop=“true”><noembed>got quicktime?</noembed></p>

as for the animation, looks great. i did notice the right leg’s toes seems to be behind 1 or 2 frames. like when the toes go to kick off the floor [on the right leg’s forward motion], they don’t seem to fully ‘kick’ off the ground.


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