Silly question, but pls help!


Maybe this is a stupid question, but I just can’t get though it.
I’m a maya user, how cud i know the mass unit of my scene file? gram of pound? where cud I check it out?

Because in the syflex Appendix, there is a table which cud auto-compute the values of syflex. I cud fill in the L & T, however, I don’t know what to fill in the M.

thanks a lot!


I think you can put whatever you want. Ex: 1 for grams or 453 for pounds (1 pound = 453 grams). Depending on this, the table in the appendix of the doc computes different values for gravity, mass density, etc. Try these values in your sim: the animation of the cloth is exactly the same, doesn’t depend on pounds or grams.


oh, thanks!


so would the values of 453g=1lb change if you were working on a different scale of say… a fifth of a unit grid instead of a whole unit?


Now I reallized that I should not lie on the appendix table. According to the values generated from the java table, you were always confused by some of them. Till I find the preset values in the syflex3.0, I suddenly understood what syflex trying to tell users about the a standard sim values. The preset values told you the relationship between different maya unit and different scene scale you are using.

I think the preset values cud tell you more clearly about how to set your syCloth values.


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