Silestone -- Commercial


Hello there,

Wanted to share my last work:  a 60sec TV commercial for the brand Silestone.

The funny thing is the lack of agency here so i had to suggest and  finally made the whole  creative process up from the very initial  concept to the end.

As for the tech details goes: all are full-cg shots made with 3dsmax, Vray, AE and edited with Premiere as usual.

I really hope you like it. C&C welcome, of course

You can watch the commercial here: 


Title: ‘Above Everything Else’
Agency: N/A - direct client
Client: Grupo Cosentino
Product: Worktop
Brand: Silestone
Production company: The Mushroom Company
Director/DoP/Art direction/Post/Editor: Alex Roman
Original idea/Concept: Alex Roman
Additional CGI: Juan Ángel García Martinez
Music: ZipZap Music
Spot TV 60"



Oh~ Alex roman!!
WOW~ i’m your fan!! very nice work~


Magnificent work, shame there is no avi to download this time. :wink: Can you say what else did you use? I believe i see Realflow and Particle flow there also?

Take care


wonderful execution as usual, each frame is awesome…
what was the time for creating this? any info you could give us on the dinamics and breaking pieces?

thanks a lot and awesome job!


Wow! Just… Wow! I think i’m not the only one hoping for a making of of this.


3D artist


wow~ wonderful!
I like your work!!! :bowdown:


Excellent work. This piece was very artistic and the music combined with the shots were very interesting.


Wonder how long it will take this to make the front page. I hope CGTalk does a cover of your work sometime soon but if not there are still a couple of things I’d like to know: sliced fruits… any info on how you got the pulp to render so nicely would be awesome; for the crystal braking dynamics with smoke and all that, did you use 3rd party or just pflow? Actually “what” did you use since I’m sure this can’t be just pflow.

Thank you for pushing the realism standards so high, just hope everybody else will try and make things at least half as interesting. 5/5


It’s simply amazing work man! Is the DOF a post effect or in the render? (;


Seriously. You aren’t human. Love the look. Poetry in motion :arteest:


this is truly incredible. you are definitly a Vray king.

I’m just wondering why this wasn’t shot live?


Awesome work! no words to say…Extremely Great!


another master piece from you alex :slight_smile:
could u tell us about the time of the work from concept to final output and render time ?


Incredible work Alex… thanks for sharing


too long to make it to the front page. Tomorrow it will be old news :slight_smile:


Very amazing! and impressive render i appreciate so much the rose and the limons…simple great!


Breathtaking. The light is just out of this world…


wooow, super AMAZING :smiley:


It’s beautiful what you’ve achieved here. You’re really an artist. Inspiring!!


Master Work ! So Nice One

It Should Be Awarded