Silent Hill type monster


Greetings!I’m new to this forum and this is my first post here :slight_smile:
I made this model for a Silent Hill type of game that i’m making,Critics and comments are welcome.Thanks.


Whoa! That’s weird! It looks great but I’d like to know what that is on the left leg


Holy crap! crazy coincidence! ive been working on a silent hill style monster for the past coupla days!

I like the design a lot! I can imagine a really cool walk cycle with it dragging that bulk around. How does it attack though? I like the texturing and the shiny effect - very authentic to the game.

Its great to see others modeling this style of creature, rather than the usual horned / scaled / fanged B movie monsters. I would’ve chosen SH type monsters for the game comp i organised, but i foolishly didnt! :banghead:

If youve got time, take a look at my take on the silent hill beasties and see if you can come up with any ideas or tips:



Definitely nice! I’m learning modeling and am going to experiment with SHish stuff as well! I’m actually currently making cs_silenthill based in the Brookhaven Hospital. He, he. Good work man! Nice texturing too.


Eheeh thanks guys :slight_smile:
Andy H i made this yesterday night and i still have in mind to make some other monsters.Yes he will drag his bulk around.I’m thinking on giving him somekind of inner mouth where the big scratch is,what do you think?.Ah i saw your post,it inspires me so much,where did you find those pics?i looked all over for them and found nothing lol.


Jeez! You made this in a day?! Well done!
I think the lumpy bulk thing should split open and reveal some teeth or a gummy mouth (similar to the mouthes on the tall monsters in SH3) If you look at the split worm boss in SH3, that looks damn scary - all the slime strands sticking to the sides and that…

As for the images - i got em from here:


yeah,the splitworm was cool :slight_smile: I will add the mouth and some slime and post a screen soon.
This model was a quick job eheh 4 hours of nonstop work.


Thanks Andy H.

I am currently animating this thing :slight_smile: (hope to get a scary looking walk cycle).

About the mouth,i don’t think i will add it now,maybe tomorrow,anyway i will post screens when ready.


Hey that’s pretty nice. Well, nasty really. :wink:

I’ve been thinking about doing a silent hill ‘inspired’ character too. Now I’ve got some spare time I might actually get a chance to do it.


Thanks every1!
I made a test level for my game


nice :thumbsup:
The classic bloody hospital bed scene is very reminiscent of silent hill!
Only crit i can see is that the lightbulb is a bit too big and catches the eye too much.
Reminds me of the hospital room where maria rests / dies in silent hill 2.
Im gonna put my character into a background too - the backdrops are a large part in creating the atmosphere in SH. As the designers said on the making of DVD, they try to create environments that make you feel uncomfortable - such as toilets and hospitals. Ill try and do the same somehow…
I really really liked the rooms in SH3 that ‘bled’ from the walls… Especially the room with the seeping cracks / blood and the rotting mirror :smiley:
My apologies if you have no idea what im on about…


Sure i do.I finished SH3 a week ago and that room with the big mirror was fantastic.They have worked alot with shaders :stuck_out_tongue: Today i draw smth very disturbing!!!lol.I will try to model and skin it as soon as possible.Here’s a shot with the classic Noise effect :stuck_out_tongue:


Your Model looks quite amazing. Can you tell us the skinsize and polycount please?

I am thinking over and over again asking myself:
How is this something going to attack or even harm you? Hit you with the legs? :slight_smile:


cant see a thing


yeah, that last link doesnt work - even if i paste the relevant bit into explorer.


hmmm do you see it now?

Without noise

polycount:2693 tris

skin size:512*512

He is going to have somekind of mouth and will get into his feet when it will attack.It only walks in the position i made.


whoa this scene rocks !

btw Little darky, just take care of that and you have a splendid real time pic’


And here is my newest creation:
The mad woman and her boyfriend :scream:

this is her boyfriend:

Here she is

Happy together

These 2 shots are just to show how she will move in game.Both models are 2000-2900 tris each.


Damn fuxer this is pretty sweet… I love that scene… looks like something straight outa a game… :thumbsup:

Though the woman’s hands look a bit small especially the fingers


Thanks mindrot :slight_smile:

I think the fingers look smal because they are curved down but i will make the hand bigger :slight_smile:

Pretty soon i will post a shot of her in game.(Working on her Ai too :smiley: )