Silent Hill 2: Good game for texture study?


Hey Gang,

I picked up Silent Hill 2 for the XBox because it was $13. I know it’s old and most of you played it and beat it a million times and SH4 is coming out, but have you guys actually sat down and checked out the textures?

The city is vast and every inch of the city is dirty, dingy, bloody, smudgey. And the game’s not half-bad either.

So for those of you that have played it, would you consider this game a good reference or is it too old to include?



I really like Silent Hill 2 and 3. You might also want to pick up Thief 3: Deadly Shadows for the PC, and play the Carriage level. It’s well worth playing for the atmosphere alone.


Silent hill’s chain-link fence alphas are a study in themselves! So many! :smiley:

But yes, the textures in SH2 are incredible. Age hasn’t diminished the quality work that went into it.


Textures to study Lol… that is what I tell my parents when they complain about me playing too many video games… I say its research for my future :scream:


For me, my inspiration for textures come from the MYST series. They are top-notch, hands down!


Comparing Myst to Silent Hill series is like night and day. What I mean is: the environments in Myst games tend to be more clean. SH games look like a rotting city. Both are great quality, but have different aim. So it depends on what your aim is, then certain games will be more useful to study than others.


I was watching the SH4 Trailers… I played the othe games, but they dont even come close to the textres in SH4 in my humble opinion. I suppose they do but at the same time they don’t if that means anything.

Still I can’t fully appreiate them. I gotta have the lights turned on when I play those games. :shrug:


Scary game eh?

Well, point about refering to this game as Vertizor pointed out is the nature of the texture. Nice and shiny is well, nice. However, for a texture artist and in CG, the key to realism is imperfection. I mean, Silent Hill 2 was selected because A) Its an older game B) It reminds me of LA C) Even an old game can teach us new tricks!

Some of the apartment interiors are just downright filthy…
To get a better look, turn off the “noise option” for the XBox and you’ll see a bit more clearly. Maybe I should post pics of good examples.




The Silent Hill games have always been amazingly textured… Even the first one… incredible for its time.

The dark mall in Silent Hill 3, I think, is probably my absolute favourite of the lot, with the blood stains, the dirt, the grated floor… Until I saw shots of SH4, I didn’t think that PS2 graphics could get much better than that.

Silent Hill 4 is going to be simply incredible.


The Silent Hill series is indeed absolutely amazing in the mood creating department. Both the use of textures and lighting is simply superb.

In the Making of DVD that came with the PS2 version (don’t know if it comes with X-Box or PC) had screenshots with “lights on” version of the hospital and it still looked good.

I wonder if it’d be possible to pull off the meshes & textures out of the PC version of the game and port into Max or Maya or whatever. It’d be interesting to do some test renders on the various spooky locations and see how they did the texturing and how the whole thing looks in daylight.


the only thing you want to watch out for if looking to study/emulate is the obvious overuse of dodging and burning that the tex. artists used in the SH games. Works great for the look of the game, but is always obvious if overused and tends to make a texture look a bit cheap or overdone. learn to hold back a bit on all that and incorporate some of the ideas of the SH games art into your own and you just got that much better. :slight_smile:


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