Silence, Jia.Ruan (2D)


Title: Silence
Name: Jia.Ruan
Country: China
Software: Photoshop

I started to draw this picture inspired by a song in a game titled Castlevania. I like this song and the game which give me a dreamlike feel. It takes me about half a year to complete this picture. I try to portray the man in the picture as a protagonist in a story, who was taking adventures in another world, just like in an RPG game.

The story started with a prince who knows magic. Not sure how many years have passed since he left his homeland. He traveled alone trying to find a magical weapon described in an ancient legend. He believed this magical weapon could help resolve the crisis his kingdom is facing.


very nice work, beautyfull!


I can’t believe there are no coments on this yet!
This is wonderful! I really like the painting style and the textured feel of it, especially the way lighting is enhancing the main focus.
It has taken you a long time to paint it. I would have gone crazy if I had to work on one painting this long. But in the end it pays off, right?!


Beautiful use of textures to add a smokey feel. Nicely done!


Can’t belive .Exellent


Wow, this is gorgeous! Beautiful lighting, coloring, texturing…

But I did think it was a female because of the lighting on top of the chest. Minor detail - fantastic work!


Beautiful work my friend 5* for this one


That’s indeed, Picky, sometimes it really drive me crazy, but when i finish it, i feel it’s worthly! Anyway, i have another two artworks, which i had drew them within this two years, i will upload it later, keep your eyes on my site^.^


2 years! Wowww…:eek: It is hard to imagine. I really inspired. How long did you spend to learn to draw this masterpieses?
Not only 5 stars, cg award, I think!
Thank you for your sharing this one with us. Now I’m gonna to your website.


beautiful piece - very poetic


cool job! 5 stars.


wow, great work, i really like it.
you have done a great job, that man in this pic looked like he has a secret power or magic.
lighting and details are great.


Really good painting, consept is great!


wow! amazing work! :beer:


Love your work and themes! Hope to see you more work 哈哈!


so heavenly and very powerful! love this one a lot! :love:


this is process


impressive work! thanks for the process!


very good work, I like :>



in front of the great, i shall be your servant with all my humility:P