Siiilon's sketchbook


Hello everybody, my first two posts. First one is tauren chieftain, made more than year ago, and second is Caleb from Blood finnished recently. I appreciate your critique, thanks.


I start to post some speedpainted sketches, here’s my first one >


Another quick sketch, this time only with mouse.


another one from mouse-only series >:)


… no reply?
I find your style quite interesting :slight_smile:
perhaps your pics need to be a little bit more clearly defined (I know those are speedpaints, but - anyway - a few more details might help a bit, in my opinion) - but - I like your style :slight_smile: keep it up :slight_smile:

p.s. obcas se nektere thready brzy vytrati a zapadnou, je tu dost pohyb, tak bud trpelivy :slight_smile: drzim palce …


alenah: Thank you, more people have told me the same, so I am working to make it better. Though it’s a sketchbook I would greatly appreciate any critique. I’ll soon post something new.

p.s. som rad za kazdeho noveho znameho z Ciech a Slovenska ohladne concept artu, takze tvoj response ma velmi potesil >:)


Caleb ruuules! =)
Nice drawings, but painting with mouse isn’t very good. :arteest:


ok, and now back to tablet >:)


and now something with traditional media :

They are redrawed from master’s painting references. The second one is “Apostel” from “Petr Brandl”.


My CA’s COW attempt. “Arctic Dinosaur”. Unfortunately disqualified >:(



My first watercolor combined with watercolor pencil (Faun):

my first dry pastel (my hometown Banska Bystrica) :

and nearly finnished tomb keeper in Photoshop:


Spider for 1 hour competition


A bigger pencil drawing. Nice source of foundation. I realize I have to do more these things to train negative drawing and also to experiment with different textures to speedup my drawing.


some pencil sketches


Nice stuff mate, you did great with that Tomb Keeper piece. Your brushwork/pencils are pretty consistent, i’d like to see more finished work though. Good ideas, keep it going!


Another pencil negative space study. I draw now things I used to slur. I definitely found out that these background things are as important as the main subject.


Another, this time 2 hour competition. Theme “mask”.


Exploring different concepts on COW (sound creature).


Yeah, I decided to stop coloring for a while and just do value studies. Whether redrawing photos or doing some fun concepts(this case). I don’t want to be confused by colors anymore, so now more patience and this fantastic source of color theory I hope I’ll do much better then.


Another pencil only photo redrawings (photos taken from my homeland - Slovakia).