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Me and siiilon have talked about to have some sketching sessions together so we are making a thread together here.


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siiilon, let me know what to do with this thread or if we should use other means to communicate.


Hey hey, I am posting basic information about the topic to be covered here.

The primary goal is to have fun, learn from one another and to have something new to our portfolios. Idea is, that we will work together and split it according to what each one of us wants to get better at, or just what he wants to play with. So it will range from sketching, mood painting, 3d modelling, matte painting, illustration, concept art …

Basic concept document from Sebastian :

We are going to work on a centralized topic: Dinosaurs.

From this topic,
[li]we are going to explore designs, genres and styles to work with. We are also going to change around elements such as story or plot, world design.
[/li][li]we will create different plots or world-ideas (realistic/child friendly/fantasy/western), every so many weeks.
[/li][li]we will work for different media and formats each time: mobile game, AA game, general concept faze, rpg, action, book.
[/li][li]we will also develop our conceptual skills, within a topic.
[/li][li]we will work on improving personal skills: working for different styles, media, programs
[/li][li]it will be easy going; working from a vantage point to stick to a plan and pursue personal growth.

It will be possible that at some point there will be a new centralized topic, depending how it goes and what we feel like.
[li]So, use whatever medium you want, but try to think about production value at all times.
[/li][li]Meaning, for instance: start with thumbnails, silhouette sketches, etc. Then work on your variants -all to get a clearer idea, before the final designs.
[/li][li]Also, stay aware of what media / genre we are designing for eventually, to determine which way your designs go in the end. “Try not to waste your employers time”

First, let’s get this topic started so we can determine what to do next:

1. Dinotopias:
A world where dinosaurs exist and sometimes live with men.
It is not a technologically advanced time; between Archaic and Renascence at the latest.
We will look for ways the world looks, the cultures of its societies or tribes, the differences between it all; what is the conflict. At this stage, the level of fantasy is up to you but I ask that we create “soft violence” as a value standard.
(For now, there will be no media/genre attached to this topic.)

People interacting with dinosaurs: uses, good and bad things.
Dinosaur-like creature designs
Cultures like we know them.
Cultures unlike we know them.
Races and creatures of the world
Flora and Fauna, Environments
Design styles
Houses, vehicles, transportation, tools, etc.
Technological level

3D models in different design proportions
Houses, villages, cities, vehicles and transportation (-to paint over).
Skin textures in different styles.
Rigging and walk cycles.
Base models for creatures and humanoids (to paint over).
3D Terrain or environment mock-ups (to paint over).
Zbrush sculpts.

Other content:
Industrial designs and explanations of how things work
storyboards or sketches of how things work, like SFX
storybords of story elements/scenes
story or narrative descriptions
story for character, world, creature, cultures, towns -designs
archetype designs (the self, the soul, the ego, etc etc.)
graphic design and illustration, ethnic designs, symbols
world establishing rules and plot elements
character story proposals, etc.
Hey hey, I am posting basic information about the topic to be covered here.Hey hey, I am posting basic information about the topic to be covered here.

And here is a brief description of a world we want to start building :

A land of dinosaurs, where are domestic tribal people living in harmony with their environment, and a modern man than searches something to mine there, like an oil or a mineral. So it produces 3 different perspectives : tribals within their natural environment (tribals, plants, creatures), alien within hostile environment (civilized man against nature), and a tribals against modern man. By “man” I don’t mean it has to be human, but someone intelligent. But having humans/humanoids there would be convenient from my point of view. This would give us a wide range of ground to cover, but still within a coherent world (the big picture would remain). This reminds me of avatar, even though I wasn’t thinking about it when it came to my mind.

That is all for now, very soon I’ll post first pictures, cu all.


Dinotopia is such a wonderful theme, how did you guys know I really loved the Terranova series? :slight_smile:

Here’s my big dino, he’s a Big Runner.
Feel free to overpaint if you got some ideas guys.


great picture Matt!
I started with environment, nothing to say, just warming up.


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