Signal: Selecting x, y, and z for simultaneous transformation within single tag


I could have sworn that somewhere buried in some blog, some forum post, some tutorial or review somewhere was a mention that there is a way to drive transformation for x, y, and z together rather than a separate signal tag for each.

I can’t seem to find that mention, though, and I keep trying things like shift clicking the xyz scale and dragging onto the tag, and it’s not working.

Anyone know how this is done?


If I understand correctly what you’re trying to do, highlight the letter next to the XYZ transformation (i.e. P) you want and drag that to the Signal tag. Watch (starts at 4:36 automatically):


Yup. Looks like that was it. Couldn’t remembrer if it was in original release, 1.5 update, one of the reviews, or what.

VECTOR… that’s the term I couldn’t remember.