SIGGRAPH Videos Posted


The first installment of the SIGGRAPH videos are now up at Cineversity. Some of these of course feature R20 features.


Thanks for the info.


Just watched the Tim Clapham presentation : rad, mad, genius… head about to explode : )


If you thing the hour presentation was good. You should watch Tim’s new tutorial series which is very good.



I’m sure it is - I’ve seen his previous stuff on fxphd : )


Second installment is posted now too.



Yes. The thing i got from the videos and i hope Maxon makes it as an integral part of future development is pushing the parametric concept.



so far watched the two TIm Clapham ones. Fields and VDB really look good, the make doing things in earlier versions look hard and complicated.



And part 3 is online now. Just watched it. Oh man, I Cannot wait…



The OVDB stuff is mind-blowing. Modelling with volumes is like modelling clay mixed with CNC machining. It makes building stuff by pushing points and polys around look positively archaic. Can’t wait to get my hands on it and start playing! Also, I didn’t know about the addition of it in sculpting, which also looked very useful.


Darth what video specifically you talking about with sculpting?


Siggraph 2018 Rewind - Matthäus Niedoba: Behind the Voxels: Bringing Volumes to Cinema 4D.

He shows some amazing examples of using volumes, and in combination with lots of other C4D tools as well. Impressive stuff – and so is the procedural landscaping with Marc Potocnik.


yes it is really mindblowing what I see. R20 is for sure a landslide release. It is powerfull, fun and also opening up so many new possibilities. C4D is really heading for a healthy new future!



Thanks Darth, that is i like when the sum of all parts is bigger than each of them alone. I’ll comment further when i see it.



just watched that one, the things you can do with VDB and fields astound me, plus the number of ways of doing things is quite daunting(in a good way).



Done it now.

Very good overall , i liked that the presenter was not presentation happy or tried to force a joke, he was just natural.

It confirms indeed that the whole Modeling with Volumes and Fields are bigger than the sum of the parts. Well done to Maxon.

As asked in another topic it shows it need a controllable bevel tool, sometimes a client ask to do that specific object, and just having a generic bevel does not cut it.
also that snap - centerline/middle etc and move to contact with another surface would be very important to be easy to block an object.

It was also good the little integration they did with sculpting. Will have to try to check if it would not be wise to have sculpting into the volumes itself.


I was wondering if the remaining presentations will be posted too. If my memory serves me right there are still some missing videos. Am I right?



Yes. Another 3 batches are planned - one should be posted tomorrow.

It’s a bit of a balancing act to get them edited an posted in the midst of all the activity surrounding the new release. Fear not though - they’ll all be posted within the next couple of weeks.

By the way, Maxon will bestreaming live from IBC this Friday through Tuesday.


Great, Thanks Rick!



I hope the video quality of the live stream will be better than the one during SIGGRAPH. I’m guessing it’s an issue of the popularity and excitement and number of users trying to view. But it was often unwatchable.