Siggraph, Siggraph...


Where’s the update. :slight_smile: People are already gossiping about different stuff announced. We need some gossip, too! :bounce::smiley:


Isnt there enough unfounded speculation in the other threads relating siggraph?
lets wait for something official.:shrug:



I’m making it sound like a joke, but if you were in a position where you’re looking at buying extra workstations, extra software and hiring a few people to work for you, you’d want to know when the CG soft you are considering is getting a decent CA tools, timeline and dynamics upgrade as well. Not an issue for softs that already have a complete production toolset and are just going to get some extra features at Siggraph, but C4D isn’t quite there yet and I’d like to know if the next release is going to have the tools needed to get the job done, that’s all.


I would think we wouldn’t hear anything till Monday or Tuesday. The exhibition begins on Tuesday i believe. The conference begins Sunday, but I dont think any Maxon news would be revealed till the booths open.


I agree with lightblitter22 I would like to see if the CA tools are much improved so that we can see C4D really shine. Its the weekend and this is when people are around to see what Maxon has come up with if anything. I would think Maxon would want the most exposure for the new stuff. People are not working or most are not working on the weekends and now is the time to post the imformation.


Weekends are seldomly used by Maxon to announce news. If anyone expects news at siggraph he better waits for the Exhibition to start.


I suppose it wouldn’t kill someone to hold off on the equipment/employment decisions for a couple more days. :slight_smile:

buy , buy ,buy ,buy  !  scheisse, no , sell , sell , sell !


Hey, Srek - we’ll know for sure in a few says, right? So how about giving your loyal C4Ders a weekend treat. Go on - just the teensiest hint of something to come; a raft to cling to in a sea of new technologies, a tiny glittering shard of hope in this Maya-dominated world…

And so on.


I’d be very happy just to know what’s getting improved and when roughly the update is going to be available. Its just a piece of production software after all, not a stealth bomber.


Stay in the moment,my young padawans.


I’ll camp at their booth. I should be there Tuesday or Wednesday.


Okay, so now at least we know it’s NOT a stealth bomber. Which is a little disappointing, frankly…


At least now you can cancel your plans for hangar space, flight crews, spare parts, etc. :slight_smile:


Sorry, it’s not up to me to decide what is announced when. Keep in mind that Siggraph is not the one and only time to release something, it is just convinient.
Having said this i think that the majority of CINEMA users will like what we will show on Siggraph.


And miss the entertaining 18 page thread that we will certainly enjoy come Tuesday?

The revelations!
The joys!
The bitching!
The flames!

I’d prefer to wait.



Ah ha! the first clue :slight_smile:


Yeah - sounds suspiciously like some sort of ‘improvement’. Possibly.


Please, oh please let it be HairHilde!



man… can’t wait till Tuesday now :slight_smile: