SIGGRAPH REEL REVIEW (Post your reel here)


Hey guys,
If yo uare going to SIGGRAPH and want a reel review before you go to the conference,
post it here.
And BTW I encourage all to keep the reviews on the positive side.



Hey, this is my Lighting / Compositing Demo Reel as a Junior student for July 2012.
Shotlist / Breakdown:

Comments and critiques are welcome! Hopefully I’ll improve as much as I can to be able to push my skills for my thesis next year!


Nice reel Anthony. That first piece is very strong; I would have loved to see it animated. I’m sure when you apply those skills to your thesis you’ll have a great piece. Your scripting knowledge should also be a very nice asset when you’re looking for work.

Here’s my latest reel, my focus is in light/comp as well. I’m a recent grad looking for entry level work - any comments would be appreciated.


Thanks Eric, I just had a look at your reel and it’s great! I like the real lens quality to it. I also believe that your reel as a whole is very strong and I specially liked the Bonsai for iPhone.


thats my reel :smiley:


If you link your reel on

An industry professional WILL look at your reel and give it it a rating, so you’ll know what they think about it.

Also can get ratings and comments from other members. You can rate other reels, see how yours compares to them & how your eye is (can see what others rated that same reel)

On top of all of this, studios can search the linked reels and contact you for jobs.


Hi, I’m a self taught animator and I’ve been animating since 2 years. Here are some of my shots I animated just for practice. Happy to share it with you guys! Hope you all like it. \m/



Love how cartoony and PUSHED everything is.
Not all the lipsync is on.
His head kind of just drifts down after ‘prisons’ I’d tighten or vary that more. I see you have a lil there… maybe exaggerate that a hair.
Girl - might have been a little ‘over acted’
‘make a stand/enough’ dialog was right on
Really Good, especially for self taught.
(I’d put a single frame of your contact info on the last frame, so if someone wants it, it holds there and they don’t have to go back to the beginning or look elsewhere for it)


@Jacob Patrick, thanks for the critique! You’re absolutely right, I will correct them :slight_smile:


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