SIGGRAPH Asia 2015: Wetbrush: GPU-based 3D painting simulation at the bristle level (


Demonstration of work by Zhili Chen, Byungmoon Kim, Daichi Ito and Huamin Wang - proof of concept computer graphics research demos method of digital painting thats close to the real method. Source here



Beautiful! Kind of like an array of bendable, dynamic Wacom pens. I’m curious if a displacement map could be output from paintings such as the “thick impasto style” example. A full color 3d print of such a painting wrapped onto whatever 3d object that I desire would be fantastic!


Reminds me of Verve by Taron

It’s too bad the project was seemingly dropped? It was coming along so nicely!


Makes me want to cut one of my ears off…


I know it is something else but expresii is in open beta.(watercolor simulation)


Taron’s verve is not that much abandoned. You may read Dev. Diary section more on news. Seems like he is preparing a slightly updated version of verve and this time it takes time because he is rewriting for different language whole program.

Verve is cool as it is already. Waay too cool :arteest: