SIGGRAPH ASIA 2011 :: Who's going to Hong Kong?


Hey there,

CGSociety will be at the show to cover a bunch of sessions. Opening the Diary early to give you as much information as possible, as the SIGGRAPH ASIA 2011 approaches.


there’s enough time to save up for this! I will soooo be there!


Looks good to me.


How much will it cost us approximately “US$”

OK, let's break it down.   The [SIGGRAPH Asia registration site](

[b]Full Conference Pass[/b]
Includes admission to all programs and events of SIGGRAPH Asia 2011.

Hong Kong Dollar
                                                  [b]    Before 1 Nov;           [/b] [b]    After 31 Oct; Onsite.[/b][b]

Member[/b] HK$5,200; HK$5,700; HK$6,300
Student Member
HK$2,600; HK$2,800; HK$3,200
Non-Member HK$5,700; HK$6,300; HK$7,000

US Dollar
                                             [b]    Before 1 Nov;         [/b][b]    After 31 Oct;             [/b][b]        Onsite.[/b][b]

Member[/b] US$667.68; US$731.88; US$808.92
Student Member US$333.84; US$359.52; USD 410.88
Non-Member US$731.88; US$808.92; USD 898.80

Indian Rupee
                                             [b]    Before 1 Nov;         [/b][b]    After 31 Oct;         [/b][b]        Onsite. 
          [/b][b]Member[/b]     INR29,940;  INR32,819;  INR36,274

Student Member INR14,970; INR16,122; INR18,425
Non-Member INR32,819; INR36,274; INR40,305


I applied to be a team leader in the SV program once again. Planning to be there all week and probably a little longer, as always!

It’s awesome you already started the SIGGRAPH Diary for this conference, Paul!


Hong Kong is such an amazing city, can’t wait to go back!


My friend went there and he told me that it was an awesome city… I really want to participate in siggraph asia this year… but is it any better than a regular siggraph??


Singapore, Yokohama and Seoul have had their run. SIGGRAPH Asia conferences are comparable in every way to the regular ‘USA-based’ conference, yet outside the halls, the cultural experience is far beyond anything on offer in Los Angeles. Staged in a different Asian city each year, Hong Kong is next up.

The sessions are just as powerful, topical and invigorating.

The Asian influence in CAF Production Sessions, Emerging Technologies and Technical Papers is easier for smaller research facilities in India, China and Indonesia (for instance). Universities and smaller VFX houses in Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok are able to attend, show their best and push their brands.

If you want to become involved in SIGGRAPH Asia (in HK this December), you should begin making arrangements, …now. You will not regret a moment.


Thanks a lot for the info.


What Paul said. Couldn’t have stated it better.

Just go! And learn for yourself of the amazing things SIGGRAPH Asia has in store for you on every level.


Hi Guys…

Im planning to go…it will be my first time in hong kong, id like to know at this time of the year, whats the weather like???

can i sport some shorts? or do i have to wear for cold?



It’ll probably be between 12 - 17 degrees celsius. Not the best time to be out in a tshirt and shorts. You’d be better off in jeans, long-sleeved tshirt and a decent coat/jacket. But then again… the cold might not get to you like it does to some others. So, you decide for yourself.


Hi Dewy

thx alot for your reply, it was very helpful :).

jeans it is then… (damn).



I’m going to visit this, but could you please give me advice where I can get good but not very expensive apartments nearby this performance? I never was in HK before and want to stay for my short vacation. Any verified online service? I prefer apartments instead of stay at hotel.


You mean like serviced apartments? Try these… (I’m sure you’re on it already.) › Apartments


Thank you, you are right, I’m already found it :slight_smile:


SIGGRAPH Asia is happy to invite all Full Conference attendees to the Cyberport SIGGRAPH Asia Networking Reception on 13 December, 19:00. Return transport between the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and reception venue will be provided. Mingle with the SIGGRAPH Asia 2011 community. Greet old friends, share a toast with colleagues, and meet the thinkers from Asia and around the world who are shaping the future of computer graphics and interactive techniques.
A standing dinner buffet will be provided. Free-flow of drinks (soft drinks, juices, and beer) will be available. Jazz music and animation screenings will create a stimulating networking ambience.

The reception is proudly sponsored by Cyberport. Cyberport is a creative digital community with a cluster of technology and digital content tenants. It is owned and managed by Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited which is wholly owned by the Hong Kong SAR Government.



I’ll be going to Hong Kong to check out the event, am happy to take pictures and help out cover the event if needed…would love to meet other CG society member if you’re going, you can send me a private message to request for my mobile number,

PS: am launching my new site next week…



I’m In the region for work that week (Macau), and managed to get monday off to head over. A couple good courses, but bummed I’m missing the exhibition. Anybody know how well represented Autodesk/3ds Max is there?