Siggraph 2018 Stuff

  • Tomorrow c4d Live will be rolling with c4d presentations. We’ll see R20 in action

  • For those eyeing GPUs Nvidia has a CEO chat at 4pm PST. A 1180 (or 2080) card based on the Turing architecture is looming

  • Sales / discounts on 3d products, plugins and motion graphics tools are typical

  • Hello Lux has a in-depth R20 Fields training package they are releasing. Tim Clapham will be an early presenter

If you spot anything from the show…or want to mark a highlight from a session…feel free.


Tuesday Schedule:

9:30am “Fields and the Evolution of Mograph” with Tim Clapham - helloluxx
10:30am “Greyscalegorilla’s Favorite Cinema 4D R20 Features” with Greyscalegorilla
11:30am “Simple Mograph Techniques for FUI Design” with Marti Romances - Territory Studio
12:30pm “A Three Year Journey in C4D” with Bhakti Patel - Facebook
1:30pm “R20 Features and VFX Workflows” with Josh Johnson - VFX Daily
2:30pm “Tactile Design with C4D” with Dean Giffin - Swivet Studio
3:30pm “Creating Rocks And Terrain in C4D” with David Brodeur - Locked And Loading
4:30pm “Character Dev and Animation Workflows in C4D” with Brandon Parvini - Alchem Designer


4:25 PM

Nvidia’s Jensen Huang is announcing some real-time ray tracing tech. Let’s hope the tech is better than the event stream. I’m waiting for—more than watching-- the session.

Nvidia RTX is announced–not just a card…it’s a full box of GPUs. Shows full-time demo…Star Wars demo that’s already been shown online…ah TRICK. The demo was playing on a single GPU. RGX 6000. Part of Quadro family. 16 TerraFlops…10 GigaRays per second. Turing tech.

NV-Link for RGX6000.

Claims this is the biggest leap since 2006 and debut of CUDA.


4:35 teases upcoming applications…

-Teases foveated rendering for VR… Works with 8K.

-Turing chip 18.6 billion transistors, compared to previous 11.8.

-Brand new processor called RT Core.

-Claims New Generation of Hybrid Rendering…obligatory AI integration references

-MDL goes open source.

-Supports Pixar’s Universal Scene Description

-Announces brand new software stack

-Demonstration of Cornell box w/‘real-time’ Rendering including reflection, refracting, caustics, de-noising


More demos…mostly stuff that’s already been seen online

Co-promo video w/Porsche…played/rendered in real time. Done in Unreal Engine.

So far…only (pricey) Quadro card announced.


An hour in and Jensen is still talking about the Quadro card, while impressive, most will not be able to afford it. Zzzzzzz.

Hopefully, Nvidia will announce the successor to the 1080 next week, August 20th at Gamescom.



Claims a 6x speed-up …How?

Renders small size…then upscales and enhances picture with AI. This auto-encoder drives better up-scaling.

Up to 48GB of VRAM on Quadro

Shows a SpiderMan clip that was done with RT

Announces RTX render server with up to 8 Quadro

Quadro 5000… $2,300
Quadro 6000… $6,300
Quadro 8000… $10,000

This session was aimed at Hollywood… Quadro only…with an obvious tease for everyone else re. upcoming Turing products.


Good stuff, Ice.

Wouldn’t the next round of NVIDIA cards be based on Volta, the same architecture as the Titan V? Same as there was a Pascal version of the Titan and Pascal versions of the 1050 on up? Same as a Maxwell version of the Titan and Maxwell versions of all the other cards?

Initially 1150, 1160, 1170, 1180, 1180Ti one would think but whichever architecture and whichever numbers, they’re overdue. Would also be good to hear what their plan with Apple and eGPU on Mac is, but not much chance of that.


Here is some new Octane stuff. Again, they show some amazing tech, and then a weird blurb at the end of getting path tracing working on iOS. I guess by porting to Apple Metal 2, they can run on an iPhone. Not that I care so much - I want the AMD compatible Octane to get released for Mac ASAP! :wink:



Octane is truly amazing, but it’s still flaky as hell on the Mac, and it never really gets any better. Version 4.0 just has different bugs to version 3.x.



I also read on the Otoy forums about “headless rendering” which would basically solve all of my problems. I could build a slave PC full of GPUs for Octane and a nice CPU for C4d Team Render, and use my little iMac for everything.

That was supposed to come in Octane 3.1 or something. I found posts going back at least a year talking about it. That never seemed to materialize. So I guess I’ll just keep holding my breath.


where do we watch Siggraph only? Cineversity?




i wish i could watch it all…

will these be available on Cineversity after Siggraph?



I think they will.


In 2-3 weeks, yes.


Right now, the streaming is not working flawless, so it’s not possible to really follow the presentations.
Hope to watch them when they are archived.



Yeah. I’ll peek in now and then but mostly wait til I have R20 in hand and go through some of them then. I did want to see Clapham this morning but missed it.


Yes, i missed that too. Fortunately Tim just released a R20 fields training course, so i think that is a musthave. But first i want my R20. Now!



MotionWorks has a 20% sale.
HelloLux has sale…mostly 10-20% off

I’m sure some other vendors doing similiar.