SIGGRAPH 2014 from the Jobs Point of View


Welcome to Vancouver, land of opportunity – for jobs in visual effects, animation and games, anyway. SIGGRAPH 2014 has certainly, not only shown how much opportunity there is for careers in high-end cg, it has given job hunters many ways to connect with those who are looking for talent.

Of course the conference has some of the best and most relevant courses  and panels for individuals who are working (or want to) in digital  effects, animation, visualization and research. But job seekers have  many additional options to get the information they need and make  valuable connections to the people who can further their careers: user  group meetings, Birds of a Feather, the Educators Program, the Job Fair  and, let’s not forget, the parties.


If you are serious about a career in high-end computer graphics, SIGGRAPH is the place to be.

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