Siggraph 2003 - Max Classes?


Hello all,

Seeing as I’m heading down to Siggraph this year, I wanted to know if Discreet has anything like the Maya Masterclasses?

Other than the Discreet booth and party, do they offer anything like this? Personally, I think some cool seminars showing off some advanced production techniques would be great.

anyone know of something like this?



There is going to be an announcement by the end of this week on our website. Keep a close eye on it!

Support Engineer | discreet


Ya, Discreet is having Master Classes @ Siggraph on Aug 10-12th. It’s all on the website.


for a second I DID think it was 2003 when I read that thread haha. Yeah there’s a lot of really cool master classes going on this year, definitely worth checking out and I think a lot cheaper than maya’s… (as far as I know).

I’m doing a conference on visual effects for film, mainly focussed on advanced pflow, afterburn and all things cool. Chris Harvey, Bobo and Conrad are doing a presentation on all of the fx for scooby 2 which will cover everything from pflow, scripting to other areas of max and their pipeline (once again as far as I know). There’s a bunch of others on character rigging, vehicle rigging, shaders, plugins, compositing etc. etc.

Definitely will be checking em all out myself!



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