Siena, Jason Godbey (3D)


Great lighting, great color, great work, it is very nice :thumbsup:


Good composition man.
Not bad :wink:


Very impressive. It gives the mood. Congratulations! And just wanted to ask some technical questions:
-What do you think about new vray 1.5 sun+sky feature, did you use it or you sticked to a classic approach?
-How many lightsources are there in scene?
-What was the rendering time and what about poly count?

(I don’t know whether it’s the right place to ask such questions)


victim335, I used Vray 1.47 to render and I haven’t tried out 1.5 yet. There are just two light sources in the scene. The sun and one low light source behind the camera. The rendering time was about 7-8 hours if I remember correctly and the poly count was over 3 million and that’s mainly because the Xfrog trees are high poly.


very nicely done, man! love the texturing…
good joB!


very nice materials


…nothing to say…only :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


If you have not read the Making of the siena yet… then read here


Excellent composition and lighting … I love it …


bravo impressive work. well done:thumbsup:




everything is ok, everything
so cute…


Hey Nice :slight_smile:
I have spent like 4 years in Siena for studying and this brings me back there…
Personally I would have added more of a brown red tone to the picture to recall the old wine scent you can percieve while walking the streets over there…


I’ve been there, the light does look like that!

very nice


I just couldn’t stop starring at this. It made me want to be there. I am shocked it was all done in Max. Great job!


very nice. What is Xfrog?


You Done a SUPERB Job …


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