Siena, Jason Godbey (3D)


very nice…finery,


hi:) I like the mood and lighting and your textures.


nice i can smell the enviroment 5 stars from me !!


Congrats to your well deserved front page appearence, Jason. :bounce:


definitely one of the best 3d shots I’ve seen … very nice :thumbsup:



Only one thing, if you use some DOF on the backgroud it could be perfect.
Five star for me!


Such a nice place, great aura, I would like to live there (Now I live in better place, but still, I’d like to live there) :smiley:


Good work, Fundamentally a fairly well executed piece.

Although does using x frog mean that you did not create the plants yourself? Not that it particularly matters, Its just that some of the plants are too mono chromatic which makes them look a little fake. Also the ladder at the back seems a bit rushed, lacking detail and the bottles on the table somehow look too much like a default pure glass shader. They could do with a bit of tint and tweaking. I feel that that everything is a bit too perfect in terms of vertical and horizontal edges of walls and placed objects, could do with a bit of inaccuracy to simulate the real world. The lighting however is nice, works very well in this.
Sorry to be critical. I do think this is a very nice piece of work, but it could be so much better with a bit more time spent.

Good luck, and i look forward to your next works.


evry thing looks great and real except for the ladder in the background. It needs a bit more texture it doesnt really fit becuase it doesnt look as real as the the rest of the magnificent work. amazing. 5 star(fix the ladder)


Nice at all! :thumbsup: i really enjoy to see a very rare scenes like this!
This is exit from the cotoidian “box” ! :wip: so whe whating for a Juan Siquier scene :scream:


8 point for you, congratulation for shading, it’s very realistic job, promise me you made the animation of wind in the plant :slight_smile: byee

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Hey man…I recognized this piece from when I saw it in person. You came into Virginia College about a week or two ago. I love your environments man. I was the work-study in the office the day you came in and spoke with Roman. Anyways, I know you’re searching for a way to broaden your skills. I’m not going to VC anymore, because that program is falling apart due to bad administration. I’m going to full sail in florida at the end of next month. Just thought I’d let you know. You’ve got all the skills that VC could possibly give you with a 2 year. But I think it would behoove you to further your education. These images are good, but are still just images. I think the right college could help with going a bit further; with animation amongst many other things. You are in a constantly changing and evolving market. Don’t get caught behind the curve. Well good luck in whatever you decide to do!


Excellent light and huge attention to details. Well deserved place in the CGChoice Gallery. Congrats:)


Awesome work!

I was in Siena 1 month ago… your image gives me back that feeling, thanks!


Is this scene a result of an inspiring real one?

If so damn you’re lucky! It looks very italian. So warm and inviting…like coffee!!

I don’t know why I said that but…that goes to show you. There aren’t any words to describe the coffee, creamy hues, and harmonious nostalgic blends.

No comments and crits from me yet.



wonderful :slight_smile:

great picture (btw. i love siena !!)



Spectacular work Jason, I think this is your best scene so far. Great job on the lighting and nice texturing. I really like your style of work! Keep it up. 4 stars :smiley:


perfect, it’s very realistic job :slight_smile:


…very nice:thumbsup:


…very nice!:thumbsup: