Siena, Jason Godbey (3D)


very nice work:thumbsup: :buttrock:


very goood
i love it:buttrock: :thumbsup:


:scream: :thumbsup: :eek:


amazingly good work!


Beautiful environment and realization.



Very good :thumbsup:

Offtopic: word “siena” means “wall” in Latvian…


Thanks for your comments everyone.

Igami, all the trees are Xfrog models not alpha maps.

Here are the wires:


Very nice render! Good job. :thumbsup:

Thanks for sharing the wires also.


P.S. What exactly is an Xfrog model?


That’s photorealism!Awesome textures and superB lighting.Good job,4 stars


Nice work on lighting and details. Bravo


Joscci, Xfrog does plants. You can check them out here:


I’m not a big fan of such renders, renders of streets or so… But this one stands out a bit with the beautiful foliage! :thumbsup:

from me :applause:


Great work fella.
My only comments would be that the green doorframe and window frames in the foreground may need some extra texture work. It would be nice if there was a little grime on the walls they are attached too, just on the edges, and they seem to be seperate now, if that makes sense? Maybe an ambient occlusion pass (if your not already using one) might help this issue? Also, the box on the floor on the left seems quite bright considering its in quite dark shade like the objects around it.



Just for the theme, and the atmosphere, you get 5 stars from me. I love it!


ever been to lucca? awesome italian medieval village


Nice render, very nice, the scene it,s fantastic, I only see one thing, the stair looks out of the scene, or looks stranger for me.


Ahhh… Gotcha’! Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:



The details are very impressive!! goood!


You created a nice mood. Modeling, lighting, colors, textures… very well done.
I would like to sit there and have a cup of coffee :slight_smile:



Thanks again for all your comments and critique.

rodrigogua, no I’ve never been there, but from what I’ve seen it’s certainly a place I’d like to go. :slight_smile: