Plz give me some critiques on this sidestep. I’m esp concerned about the body mechanics.
I’m in the process of self learning animation.

Thanks in advance to everyone who checks out the video.


I like your timing and the mechanics feel good. My only suggestions are: add some frames before the move so your anticipation reads better and to cushion a bit more on the settle after the step.

The vimeo videos are a bit of a pain because you can’t scrub or go frame by frame - try using the shotmask w/frame counter to help on the critiques.

Really nice work - polish and you’re done.


Hello Scott.
Thanks for the critiques. :slight_smile:


  • polish and you’re done.
    I have polished it- I mean I have cleaned up the GE. Do you mean its not as smooth as it should be?

yup! I had problems with it when I was uploading my video. But I thought it was only that one time. What video upload site would you recommend?

I’ll put in a frame counter the next time I upload something.


I think that works well. Rather than spend a lot more time on it, think of another way to do a side step and animate that. slower… faster… wider… narrower…

Vimeo makes it hard to crit animation. it can’t be single framed and the first time I play one it always runs thru super fast.

Quicktime would be best.


Hye Robert. Thanx for this.
Heres my latest:

I want to change the video upload site too.
What do you recommend?

How do I get a frame counter for maya 7.0?


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