Sideshow character - Richie the Rhinoman


Richie was born in the slums of whitechapel, his prostitute mother died of a heart attack when she saw her newborn child. Richie had a hugely deformed upward bent nose with large nostrils, a sloping brow, small eyes, a hunched back, short stubby fingers and toes, as well as oversized lips and ears. Luckily Richie’s grandmother was at the birth and saved him from an early death at the hands of the midwife.

Richie’s grandmother loved him very much, educated him and protected him from the outside world, the only thing she didn’t do for richie was let him outdoors. When she died in the summer of 1888 Richie was curious about what was beyond the door of his small home and finally decide to open it.

He set out on the streets dressed in his finest clothing, which were meager to say the least with an adventurous spirit and high hopes for the future, but alas he did not get far before he ran into problems.

In the summer of 1888 all of whitechapel and indeed london had been horrified by the murderous work of Jack the Ripper. Everyone was on the look out for the ripper and their imaginations of who or what he could be ran rampant.

Richie was walking along the streets amazed at what he saw, he had read books and heard stories of the outside world, but nothing had prepared him for what he now saw with his own small eyes. The building, the streets, the moon and stars, they were all a new and magnificant sights for him to absorb and as he did so he felt the happiest he had ever been. Just then he caught sight of something very strange indeed a man was walking along carrying a long torch, lighting the street lamps. Richie was very excited and charged up to the man to say hello. The man engrossed in his work heard the sound of footsteps approaching and turned his torch to see who was coming. The man gasped when Richie’s dramatic features came into the light . The man in pure horror smashed his torch into Richies face and ran off screaming. Richie was terribly burn’t and lay bleeding on the street until the police came. The police took richie to the hospital where he was treated for his injuries.

Richie spent all of his money on his doctor bill and now had to find a source of income, a man who was also in the burn ward said that Richie could make money in the circus cause he looked like a rhinocerus and was sure to draw a crowd. Richie had found his niche and the rest as they say is history.


just an update, trying it in polys.


I like ur story and ur Richie , u have a great background for ur character
and also nice start with polys
Good luck
waiting for more updates


thanks dodo!

here’s an update, fooling with hair and a bit of a shirt


made some quick pants


Thanks for all the comments y’all. I’ve had a hard time trying to do the model and reply to all of them. try not to flood me so much in the future, i need some me time too.


I changed his hair and added some hands dont have a render yet but just posting my progress.

Not that anyone cares.


I like the head. The body is a bit, well, there’s not a lot of character in it right now.

I guess this is why you haven’t gotten a lot of replies, because there simply is not too much to say about it yet. But fear not! Just keep cutting and pulling, and I’m sure it will look better with each update. You’re on your way - just hang in there! :slight_smile:


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