Sideshow Challenge Winners?


I hate to be the one to bring this up but, whatever happened to the Sideshow Challenge?

Maybe I missed something but

When are you going to announce the winners?
I know there was not going to be a prize, but I still though the winners were going to be announced.

I know I am not the only one who wants to know
I have received some Private Messages from others in the contest asking the same question. One even said that they contacted Leigh about the problem/question.

If I messed something somewhere could some one please point me to where it says the winners, or to the thread that says there will be none.

Just curious


Unfortunately there was a monumental screw up with it. There were hardly any final images submitted for starters, and then as we (the mods) were casting our votes, the management of the forum switched over and the results were never tallied :hmm:

A shame really, as there were some great entries.


Thanks Leigh
It’s nice to finally know what was going on with the sideshow challenge:lightbulb . Too bad the winners will never be announced though :cry:. But like I said it’s just nice to know.

Thanks again Leigh.


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