SideShow Accidents - tightrope - skull_leader


Hi All

Hope it’s not too late to enter! I tried to enter a week ago but my account couldn’t be activated.

Good luck to you all! :beer:


Here is the storyboard…


I’ll be first to wish you luck mate. Good to see a different take on the sound distraction thing (the sound not making him fall but his “bigheadedness” after he manages to stay on does).

Goodluck again,



Thanks Arron! Good luck to you too. Funny story you have there… especially the part when he suddenly appears from underneath with the banana sticking through the nose.

Yeah… I have to agree on Milho about…

“What I dislike is when he bends down in the fullshot and shakes his head just before the cut . It looks like “doh I’ll never succeed” but that doesn’t make sense. Wrong bodylanguage?!”

I look forward to see your next WIP! :beer:


Here is the first 7 seconds of my animation. Due to time constraints, I decided to use a character made out of spheres. I haven’t yet added any secondary actions such as wrist, finger and ankle motions, etc.

HERE… QuickTime (680K)


I am finished! I thought that I am not going to make it. Spend the last two days animating 11 seconds. I wish I had spend more time on this. :scream:

QuickTime (6.25MB)

p.s. There are some changes to the storyboard since I was doing “Straight ahead animation”.


Well done :applause:
You did a nice job !
wish you succeed.


Thanks -REZA-! I wish you are able to successfully finish your animation. You have such a appealing character. Best of luck!



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