Sideshow Accidents - tightrope+cannon - baby


ok Guyzz I’m in…

first of all I won’t follow exactly the guidelines (those damn guidelines) as I’m trying to learn animation at the moment (on maya)…I don’t want to focus at all in creating a character, but rather animate animate and animate…and I don’t have a character that could fit…
but as I like this exercice…I’ll try anyway…

so my guy will be my toro…from now in this challenge he’s toroman…an old cousin of elephant man…ok sorry :hmm:…
but to try to fit just a little bit with the sideshow idea, I’ll add a little joke at the end…you’ll understand…

I wont respect the lenght also :wip: I know I’m bad !!! but I’m french…that’s why…

As I want to do the tightrop…fall into cannon…stuck into cannon…fire…and little end joke…

voila…I started 4 hours ago…a little preview is coming…

EDIT : check last post for working links:rolleyes:



and an updated version’_bull_02prev.avi


wow that is damn nice. like the idea. don’t care bout the
guidelines if this is comming out.

Nice work with the body weight.



Love the animation… what program are you using to design this?
Is it Max or Maya?


prayas : thx…yeah that’s what I’m going to do :slight_smile: I had a father to the whole hyerarchie for the rope animation…but I don’t know at all, how to do the rope in Maya…

billblum : well that’s maya…I’m a long time max User but I’m learning I’m learning… thx

update render on the first one…maybe th up and down movement is a little bit rough… :frowning:’_bull_01.avi


Dude thats one hell of a attitude, if you dont care about the guidelines why do you come and post your stuff over here, there’s always the WIP section for you to post and and spare people of (what you call)a “being french” attitude.


a useless and totally unconstructive post…

thxx bye bye then…

nb : I never said I don’t care…
nb 2 : funny; you’re from UK & U don’t even know Monty Pythons humor… :thumbsdow


last update for the night…’_bull_04prev.avi


Ahahahaha, that’s some good stuff man! I love it after he hears the sound. It’s very Road Runner like… hehe

You are doing really well… I wish I had a character already modelled and rigged so that I could just concentrate on the animation.

Gru: Don’t rip him up yet. Remember, he just mentioned that he won’t follow the guidelines… doesn’t mean it’s final. From the looks of it… it could be 20 seconds… and sure, it’s a cow… not a carny… buy hey. The animation isn’t bad at all… and that’s what matters MOST.

PS: Having his work in the challange section is inspiring me, and I’m sure more fellow cgtalk’ers. Keep up the good work baby!


Dont get me wrong, wasnt trying to rip him up at all and yeah the animation looks very good so far. My point was about the attitude, thats why there are some guidelines to follow and would be a pitty that he would be trown out because those have been broken…


Understood… but using positive critisism could have been easier.

Something such as:
baby, you have really great work… I think you have a chance of winning, except you may not qualify due to your time limit and model. If it’s possible to tweak your peice, you’ve got a good shot.

Or, baby… your work is much better than mine - but hey… you won’t win cause you don’t qualify… suck to be you! :slight_smile: (in a very comical manner - which implies were just having fun)

Sorry for being analytical - I just hate when people shoot other people down for good work. In the meantime, good luck and go get working on your dog humping - I’m going to bed. Tomorrow I may just sumbit something myself. I have a few ideas.


calm down…

it’s OK…I’m not really in the challenge if U prefer…
I’m doing it just for fun and practice…like the hapless hero one…

anyway i’m not fond of guidelines when it’s about hobby & creativity :slight_smile:
already a ton of constraints at work :smiley:

as for the bad attitude you’re talking about…well…
I’m french why do U think I have this outrageousssss accent you silly king… :stuck_out_tongue:

here’s a small update again…I really need to sleep now…I have a huuuuge “neckake”…’_bull_06prev.avi

edit : Vandal, thxxxx for the comment :drool:


the mods respect the guidelines when it comes to final judging…so please do not continue the issue throughout baby’s thread.

nice start baby…looking forward to seeing more…


real nice animation! how bout giving toroman an umbrella or pole to help his balance?


Haha, excellent work my friend!
Looking pretty good so far.

Only comment is that it looks a little strange when the tightrope just stops moving towards the end.

Keep up the good work!



I changed the surprise by noise part…timing and pose…I think it’s better now…

my other question is…well I know it’s a dirty preview…do U understand when he looks at his “virtual” watch ?!?

and a little zoom on the eyes…


good, but i dont see when he looks at his watch :hmm:


I definitly saw the watch in the version I saw last night.
I can’t watch your newly updated version until I get home - works sucks.



he doesn’t know yet where he is… :hmm:


Nice, it looks like he fell into the cannon, no?
Very good work, quick animations, nice stuff.