Sideshow Accidents - talentless - Assie


Hiya everybody,
This post has been edited as I have finished the challenge. Here is my final animation:

My Challenge Entry 2.08MB .MOV

Here are a couple of grabs from the animation just to wet your appetite.

Shazzam, Barney and his talent.

Introducing, the monkey.



lol, funny one! :beer:



haha, nice character


Thanks for the reply xchrisx, wow it must be good if you used your first post over all of the excellent work on here.:applause: Welcome to CGTalk.

Challenge update: I have built the environment in which it will all take place (including a table and a banana). I will start animating soon, and at the same time, i will build the monkey character which you wont see till later in the animation.



ok, little update

I have updated my website and now it consists of a wip section. the first wip is this very challenge, so you can follow this challenge over there too. Please also check out my homepage.

This is what the scene looks like now:

I also have a rubbish storyboard here.



cool i really like the idea :thumbsup:


Hey, thanks for the support T4D. Progress is slow on this as i am still new to animation, but im learning!

Will carry on working on this, Assie


Nice Assie.
Can’t say much about the motion but the poses and camera look bad. You chose a straight angle. This leads to silhouette which is hard to read. So when holding the banana up or to his nose it is right before his body and you can’t see it.

Here an example I found on google:

Keep it up!


Thanks for the reply Milho,
yeh, I totally agree (I also got the comment that it looks like he is putting it into his mouth)! I’ll work on this problem!



g0od idea …very nice.try on!
:buttrock: :hmm:


Thanks for the support! I am having trouble creating a good camera angle as well as portraying each of the poses clearly. What do you think of these poses:



i think that’s g0od,if you giv the camera higher level!
that’s better!
you can test it.:thumbsup:
hope you the best!


The poses are better, but still I don’t like that they are pretty “normal”. I bet this guy wants to show off with the nose trick. So exaggerated poses will do better.

Best way for the banana in nose stuff would be to use a angle showing the guy in side-face. The silhouette of the banana shouldn’t be covered by the body.
I did two examples which are probably not that good but I think they give a better idea of what I have in mind than my explanation. (hope you don’t mind)



[Sorry didn’t upload on the first try]


i guess it may be too late to consider adding sum fingers to the guy, it would make your life much easier, i think, if he’d hold the banana with 2 fingers while showing it around and then stick it up his nose, u could even use a larger banana and then sum sort of FFD modifier on the nose to make it smaller as it enters the hole,. it just feels very akawrd the way he holds the banana.
but as Milho says, a better camera angle will defenitly help to identify the object and wot he intents to do with it.

dont give up


Thanks alot for your great input here guys! I’ll take all you have given into consideration and come back to you with what i get!!



Hi, a little update! I would like peoples opinion on this so far. I may keep it as it is because i have so much to do right now, and i really want to complete this.

EDIT: The final animation :rolleyes: :
My Challenge Entry so far (2.08MB .MOV)

Thanks, Assie


That was a great idea, bending out of focus. Looks nice :slight_smile:

What I dislike is when he bends down in the fullshot and shakes his head just before the cut . It looks like “doh I’ll never succeed” but that doesn’t make sense. Wrong bodylanguage?!

Keep it up! :thumbsup:


Good call on the shakey head part! I’ll fix that!! My next dilema is, how am i going to get a second character in their? I will use charrigger to rig the guy. I have no idea, any help?



ok, lil update. Due to time restrictions (and my talent restrictions :slight_smile: ), i have only created the arms of the monkey, and you see the last half of the animation through his eyes. The last shot is only a rough test to see what it will look like. C&C welcome as always,