Sideshow Accidents - Talent - Gru


Hi all, guess I’ll be in for this one as well.

Story goes a little like this:…a sort of a hairy wolfman is seating on some sort of display, everything is very quiet, no one there to see the show, he feels sad and bored. suddenlly a over excited little furry dog enters the scene, jumping full of joy… he spots the hairy guy and pauses waving his tail in happiness, just found a new friend. Runs into him and squeezes trough his legs like a cat looking for attention… the hairy guy doesnt quite know what to do…as he’s about to scare the little inocent fella away, the little dog jumps and starts “shagging” his leg…the end

I hope I can find the time to work on this one…

good luck to everyone…


Nice idea…I wish you good luck and enough time :thumbsup:


lol! sounds good, looking forward to it!


Hi, hows doin, Gru.

I like your story… that’s even very close to my idea thou… :slight_smile:

By this time I cant join for this challenge, but I will come here often then see all you guys.

I am interested your story, Gru. Coz simmiler story, but having different approch will happen by you.




Cheers guys, i’m really hoping i can actually get started on this one, have some major deadlines at work, and the next 30 days are going to be very busy.
although i really would like to try the shave and hair cut plug in that the guys just got at work, would be ideal for this project.



Guess will be pulling out all together, theres no way that i can even get started, let alone finish it…will have to keep the furry beings on the closet for a lil while when I’m less busy and with sum time to play.

Well only rest me to wish u all all the best…will be keeping an eye.



nice job, man!
:thumbsup: Hope u the best!


A pity :hmm:

Hope you have more luck (=time) on the next challenge.



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