Sideshow accidents - cannon - Richie_p


Hi eveyone first post here on cgtalk!
i want to just concentrate on getting together a show animation piece for my showreel so my empeses is on getting good movement and weight right now, and im also still learning maya so im going with simple or segmented models.
anyhow heres a rough outline of my story…

man in cannon attracting crowds attention
man points to net far away
cannon starts to drift downward until it points to the ground
man realises and tries to pull himself out of cannon
he`s stuck
tries to blow out fuse he cant
tries to pull himself out again, this time his head on the ground lifts the cannon
man lifts the rest of the way with his arms
cannon back to the right position man readies himself to be fired
cannon fuse fizzes out
look of annoyment from man

not very orignal i think show a good range of emotions and actions i may have to chop it down to fit 20sec
im not sure about the ending either, but its all in the air right now
i hope to have a story board in the next couple of weeks
ok good luck everyone :slight_smile:


Its a classic, true Wile E. Coyote’s style, cant go wrong. Bring him on.

Good luck


Welcome to CGTalk Richie! Hope you have fun with the challenge.


looks very fun !!! can’t wait…


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