SideShow Accidents - Cannon -REZA-


I know it’s Late to Start !!! but i have got a little time , so i want to try !
I don’t know if i can finish in time , but hope is the most …
Here is the story board , that i have drawn an hour ago .
I have just 3 days so i can’t do everything .
all comments are welcome .

Here is the Final Animation(0.9mb-12fps) …

Final Animation

and it’s a bigger file (4.6mb -30fps)

Final Animation – QuickTime

and the story board


Great storyboard, I hope you can get everything done in time.


hi reza
nice story boards…c0o0o0ol!
Hope u finish it!!!



I love the idea ! Man , if you dont make it with the deadline I can try to do it if you want, cuz it looks pretty simple but the idea is sooo coool !


only 2 day left !!!
go for it -REZA- :buttrock:

love to see the story board in motion :thumbsup:


okay reza

kheili khoshhal shodam vaghti fahmidam ke mikhay sherkat koni

story boardet ali bood faghat hurry up. 2 rooz


Thanx every one .
I will try to finish it !!
If i didn’t make it in time , you can do it Ac0rN :wink:
Ok , here is some modeling ( They are still WIP )

I will change the man’s eye if the time let’s !!!
ooof … Rigging & Animating started :wink:
1 day left …

Reza Misaghi


you must hurrry! it would be a cool animation.


try reza you can.


eyval reza
hamishe too nakhe karaye zarbati hasti na?
inja ham hatman aval ya dovom mishi
age ye kam adamaro bishtar kar koni behtar mishe


Thanks , you’r increasing my hopes gauge :wink:
Because I’m an army private , I have only 4-5 hours per day to work on this Anim . but I love deadlines …


ok , here there is another update :wink:
hey TIME go slower …


aarezooye movaf_faghiyat baraat daaram…


heeeeeey,very nice models,you did it???
i really congraduate u ,very nice…
ohh,i hade a roblem,i can not upload my entry!!
grrrrrr…what can i do? file size is:1.434 mb–avi
Hope u do it!:thumbsup: :buttrock::thumbsdow :shrug:


hi there
here there is a little Animation :wink:
I am trying to finish it , it these last minutes …
i wish the link works …

Renderwoman , i am uploading in the Prohosting Free servers , which is limited to 2mb .



Nice follow through with the hairs. I am no animation expert but I think these are some things that could be possibly improved (if the time allows) are…

  • Lower the character’s shoulders first (Ignore this if you have already done so) and when each arm is finally pulled out, pop the shoulder up within 2 frames and then down (ease in) just over a few frames to get the snappy “popping action”. Remember to move the body up and down a bit applying the same thing above.

  • The head should be tilted as he is struggling to get out… this will look more natural I think… or even swing the head side to side (or back and forth) like a maniac trying to get out.

  • Tilt the head down a bit as he turns from side to side.

  • If the pupil is not a texture map (which I think it is, BUT if not), squash and unsquash it a bit over 2 to 3 frames as if though he is blinking.

Hope these helps. Best of luck to you! :beer:


Thanx Skull_leader.
I know that there are many problems that should be fixed but i have no time …
if there will be time i will do that .
thanks again
i am uploading the final anim now :wink:


I don’t know what is the problem …
I can’t upload anything !!! even a picture !!!
my final is a 1.1 mb mov…
i think my ISP has problems…
try more


Ok here there is a final

it's a Sorenson3         0.9 mb

Final Animation

I know there are many problems … eye movements & …
i will solve the problems … if there was a chance.


WOW you did it:applause:

pretty sure the deadline has past
But you done a nice job with the time you had :thumbsup: