Side Show animation challnege-renderwoman


hi every body
its my first entry for international challenges(like cg challenge…:wink:
i will tell thestory and i’'ll put some images!
please be my guider.becouse i’m just 15 :stuck_out_tongue:



her’s another pic,
red one is our character 's friend!((female one!(NINO)))
heh .
complete story and imgs are coming soon


hi pepe name of your topic is false you must check it , here is the ruls of the challenge and select a story and animate that


hi dear massoud
you’r right massoud,topic’s name is not can i correct it?
thanks for your suggestion but i wrote on the previous message ,that i will telll the complete story.
and now im going to telll the story:
at first i must introduce my characters:
Nono:kind of sea animal(female)
Yecheshmi:kind of sea animal(main character.male)
the whole story is about kind of animal that lives under water called "Yecheshmi ".he felt in love of the girl called “Nono”.
both love each other…
in the next scene nono is going out side,but in a sudden a bother some cames and tried to play a trick on her…but its not the conclusion, suddenly Yecheshmi comes and knock him out!!!
and the short anim ends!!
i will upload the scenes,just wait and see what happens


in this image there’s just “Yecheshmi”.
i will put the others


yes,i made a bad mistake…i didnt read this cg challenge rules.
plz give me some days ,my friends,i must change everything!!!
unlucky me


is there anybody?


Do you like scary movies…huhh…hu… :wink:

You’re welcome. Just keep in mind for the next challenge:

  1. Read the rules
  2. Read the rules
  3. Ask questions in the “challenge issues resolved” thread
  4. Take a look if the admins changed the rules
  5. Think of a topic / idea :lightbulb
  6. Create a thread with the right name

Don’t take this too seriuos, I’m just fooling around. At least no one was hurt :slight_smile:
Ask a admin if he/she can change your topic.

Keep it up, can’t wait to see your new idea :thumbsup:


thank u very much milho…
i will keep the idea!
but it really depressed me!
i work on it but it dosnt answer me!
help me to complete the story and give some hand on:modeling -lighting-rendering-texturing-animating and… of this project!!
thanks a lot.:wink: :buttrock:


pepe jan to nemikhay dobare say koni ?

be ghole khodet ye tajrobast baraye badha


hi massoud
your right
i must try on once more!
keep the idea:D:D:D:buttrock:
be patient.i will put the others!!
dar har hal mamnoon


hi there :wink:
you have created a nice model for this challenge !! Why don’t you try to put one of the scenarios on your " Yecheshmi " ??!
For example you can choose Cannon , and put the Yecheshmi in a cannon & make him try to escape !!!

it’s a very nice idea to put an 8 leg in this animation challenge .
try to do it !!

and I’m here if i can help you :wink:
and maybe I will be in the challenge if the time lets.

Regards …
Reza Misaghi


i agree with reza


hi reza and massoud thanx for giving some hope to me!
ok.i will continue!if the time let me!
:D:) :buttrock: :thumbsup:


pepe to bayad ta akharesh bashi injoori ke nemishe mano deldari midi badesh khodet bikhiali

and reza if you can attend to this i kheili hal mikonam 4 irani dar ye challenge

chi mishe


massoud i will do that.who said im not ready?
let’s try on!


okay pepe

i’m waitng 2 …


thank u for encouraging me!
im waiting to see your works,t0o0o!





massoud ta kei in mosabeghe asar ro ghabool mikone???
:(lotfan age midooni be mah haye khodemooon begoo masaln begoo mehr!