sIBL_GUI For Softimage


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sIBL_GUI 4.0.7 is out!

This release focuses on bringing a neat new feature: Larges Panoramic Thumbnails!

Those are generated once from the background images ( With fallback on the preview ones ) upon startup.

Here is a video to showcase the stuff:

And some images:

Unicode supports has been improved: Users with non ASCII characters in their names should have less issues.

Softimage Templates have received a precise per channel colors control property that will allow very fine tuning of the lighting solution:

For Softimage 2013 users, I have also released a new compatibility build with stripped features for the TCPServer_For _Softimage Addon:

Here is the complete Change Log:

sIBL_GUI - 4.0.7 - Stable:

sIBL_GUI 4.0.7 - Stable - Milestone:
Umbra 1.0.8 - Stable - Milestone:
Manager 2.0.4 - Stable - Milestone:
Foundations 2.0.8 - Stable - Milestone:

[li] Implemented large thumbnails support.
[/li][li] Implemented better unicode support.
[/li][li] Implemented precise per channel color control over the IBL setup in Softimage Templates.
[/li][li] Fixed Softimage_Arnold_Standard and Softimage_Arnold_Dome_Light Templates color profiles issues.
[/li][li] Fixed exception in Softimage_VRay_Standard Template.
[/li][li] Dropped sqlalchemy-migrate support.

Thats all folks!



Just preventing archival, I have been very busy last year, I have a release pending although I cannot find time to finish it yet!



Thanks for update Thomas.



I’m pleased and at same time ashamed to say that sIBL_GUI 4.0.8 is out!

Pleased because I finally got time to get back on the project, ashamed because it took me so long and I have left a lot of people with very annoying bugs. I’m sincerely sorry about that!

This release is mainly a maintenance release ironing out most of issues reported through Crittercism.

Here is the complete Change Log:

sIBL_GUI - 4.0.8 - Stable:

sIBL_GUI 4.0.8 - Stable - Milestone:
Umbra 1.0.9 - Stable - Milestone:
Manager 2.0.5 - Stable - Milestone:
Foundations 2.1.0 - Stable - Milestone:

[li] Handled WindowsError in database component while retrieving stats on a non existing file.
[/li][li] Handled exception while searching in tags cloud using an invalid regex pattern in searchDatabase component.
[/li][li] Handled potential IOError exceptions related to foundations.common.foundations.common.isBinaryFile definition usage when accessing a locked file.
[/li][li] Prevented exception in sibl_gui.ui.common.getFormattedShotDate definition.
[/li][li] Prevented AttributeError exception in sibl_gui.components.core.inspector.inspector.Inspector.__setActiveIblSet method when no active iblSet is defined.
[/li][li] Prevented ValueError exception in sibl_gui.components.core.inspector.inspector.Inspector.__drawActiveIblSetOverlay method when invalid lights colors attributes are used.
[/li][li] Prevented IndexError exception in inspector component.
[/li][li] Prevented exception reports stacking.
[/li][li] Prevented AttributeError exception in umbra.components.scriptEditor.scriptEditor.ScriptEditor._editor__modificationChanged method.
[/li][li] Prevented files reloading on exit in scriptEditor component.
[/li][li] Fixed long startup delay when no Internet connection is available.
[/li][li] Fixed notificationsManager notifiers insertion order.
[/li][li] Fixed caching issue in foundations.parsers.SectionsFileParser.write method.
[/li][li] Fixed various issues in Softimage_Arnold_Standard, Softimage_Arnold_Dome_Light and Softimage_Arnold_Lightsmith templates to support latest SItoA build.
[/li][li] Handled BadZipfile exception in foundations.pkzip.Pkzip.extractZipFile method.
[/li][li] Ensured fileSystemEventsManager manager doesn’t compares integer paths modification times to float ones.
[/li][li] Ensured Softimage_Arnold_Lightsmith Template compatibility with SItoA 2.8.0 by removing deprecated legacy light filter code.
[/li][li] Ensured directional light position is correct in Maya_Arnold_Standard and Maya_Arnold_Dome_Light Templates.
[/li][li] Ensured Templates are downloaded into Factory directory only if writable.
[/li][li] Ensured Ibl Set icon is properly displayed in inspector component plates view.
[/li][li] Ensured Softimage_Arnold
* Templates compatibility with latest SItoA build.
[/li][li] Ensured notificationsManager has a maximum number of displayed notifiers at same time.
[/li][li] Ensured foundations.parsers.SectionsFileParser.parse method reads current file content if no content has been previously set.
[/li][li] Ensured that loggers and their formatters receive unicode data.
[/li][li] Ensured directional light position is correct in Maya_Arnold_Standard and Maya_Arnold_Dome_Light templates.*
[/li][li] Removed miCreateOtherOptionsNodesForURG mel procedure call in Maya_MR_Standard Template.
[/li][li] Removed dependency on ordereddict for Python versions that already include it.
[/li][li] Moved foundations.common.isBinaryFile definition into module.
[/li][li] Added module.
[/li][li] Added Jed Frechette Blender_Cycles_Standard template.
[/li][li] Extracted documentation utilities to their own repository.
[/li][li] Pass various globals variables through arguments in umbra.engine.Umbra class.
[/li][li] Refactored magic methods implementation in various managers.
[/li][li] Implemented fall-back preferences directory support.
[/li][li] Implemented get method in various managers.
[/li][li] Implemented setitem method in various managers.
[/li][li] Implemented magic methods tests for foundations.parsers.SectionsFileParser class.
[/li][li] Implemented foundations.parsers.SectionsFileParser.setValue method.
[/li][li] Implemented support for ANSI escape codes.
[/li][li] Implemented new documentation theme.
[/li][li] Reformatted package docstrings.
[/li][li] Verbosed PyQt version on startup.[/ul]



Thanks Kel


I don’t have much time for sIBL_GUI these days, just a quick post so that the thread doesn’t get archived :slight_smile:



Thanks again :slight_smile: