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Yes the higher samples is what was needed - I had bumped the samples up a bit, just not enough. Is there a rule of thumb or ratio between image size and samples?

Edit - whats the difference between samples & low samples?

I’ll post the fg question else where, as that is more general MR stuff.




I recompiled the sIBL_GUI_XSI_Server for Softimage 2012:




Thanks Thomas!!:buttrock::buttrock:


hey guys. is server for 2012 sp1 anywhere near? :slight_smile:


Hi Mirko :slight_smile:

Thanks reminded me, work was taking one me!

Right here:



thanks man! :slight_smile:


is there server addon for 2011 sp2 x64 ? versions and not working for me?



Sorry for the delay! sIBL_GUI_XSI_Server for Softimage 2012 SAP has been recompiled:




sIBL_GUI 4.0.0 Alpha For Windows, Linux And Mac Os X


Notice that this announcement is cross posted on multiple boards and in CGTalk News sub forum.

HDRLabs, Christian and myself are happy ( And proud :slight_smile: ) to announce that after more than 7 months of intense and hard work, lost hairs, etc … sIBL_GUI 4 is finally out!

With over 1250 commits, this release is certainly sIBL_GUI biggest and most important one. Virtually every line of code has been affected in a way or another. sIBL_GUI weights now nearly 60000 lines ( 25000 logic code lines / 35000 code documentation lines ).

* * * Important Notices * * *

“sIBL_GUI 4.0.0” preferences are now stored per version in a directory following this structure : “./HDRLabs/sIBL_GUI/$MAJOR_VERSION.$MINOR_VERSION”.

Previous Maya, Softimage / XSI and 3dsMax Helper Scripts are not compatible with sIBL_GUI 4.0.0 and need to be updated if you use them.

Here are some visible highlights:

[li] New unified dark themed Ui.
[/li][li] New Inspect layout to browse your collections using large images preview.
[/li][li] New “Edit” layout featuring Umbra Script Editor to interact directly with sIBL_GUI and the various resources files.
[/li][li] Support for Ibl Sets plates has been added, although not in Templates yet.
[/li][li] Startup speed has been dramatically increased ( Between 4 to 6 times faster, the first launch sIBL_GUI will have to compile the bytecode and will be a bit slower to start ).
[/li][li] Templates settings are now stored / restored for each template.
[/li][li] Maya templates have been ported to Python and feature a cleaner code.
[/li][li] 3dsMax and Softimage / XSI templates have been refactored and feature a cleaner code.
[/li][li] 64bit release.
[/li][li] The Api has been added using Sphinx documentation system:

I have much more good stuff planned, stay tuned :slight_smile:

Here are some screenshots of the new Ui:

[left]sIBL_GUI - Sets Centric Layout[/left]

[left]sIBL_GUI - Inspect Centric Layout[/left]

[left]sIBL_GUI - Edit Centric Layout[/left]

[left]sIBL_GUI - Templates Centric Layout[/left]

[left]sIBL_GUI - Preferences Centric Layout[/left]

And for the full Change Log:

[li] sIBL_GUI is now built around Umbra:
[/li][li] sIBL_GUI now features a refreshed new dark Ui theme with new logo, splashscreen and more!
[/li][li] x64 is the default new sIBL_GUI architecture, there won’t be anymore support for x86.
[/li][li] sIBL_GUI 4.x.x preferences a now stored per version in “./HDRLabs/sIBL_GUI/$MAJOR_VERSION.$MINOR_VERSION” directory.
[/li][li] A new “Inspect” layout has been implemented, it makes use of the new “PREVIEWfile” attribute of .ibl files and allows you to browse your collections using large preview images.
[/li][li] A new “Edit” layout has been implemented, it features Umbra Script Editor component and allows you to directly edit Ibl Sets or Templates files and interact with sIBL_GUI.
[/li][li] Support for Ibl Sets plates has been added (Templates don’t create them in scenes yet).
[/li][li] Major parts of the underlying architecture have been rewrote for better evolutivity and feature a cleaner code base.
[/li][li] Startup speed has been dramaticaly increased (Non frozen application version is more than 4 times faster).
[/li][li] sIBL_GUI can be toggled to fullscreen using the related option in the “Custom_Layouts” menu.
[/li][li] A patches mechanism has been implemented to allow migrations between sIBL_GUI versions.
[/li][li] The “logginWindow” component has been replaced by the “scriptEditor” component that allows direct interaction with sIBL_GUI.
[/li][li] The “databaseBackup” component has been integrated into the “db” component.
[/li][li] A database migration mechanism has been implemented using SQLAlchemy Migrate, it should allow database structure manipulation for future releases.
[/li][li] A new “databaseOperations” component has been introduced to allow manual database synchronization.
[/li][li] Adding / Renaming a collection using an empty name was possible, this incorrect behavior has been fixed.
[/li][li] A “Logging Formatter” preferences option has been added, allowing to choose between different logging formatters.
[/li][li] Added support for Templates strings: “nodePrefix = @nodePrefix | Prefix | String | Node Prefix”.
[/li][li] Added “-f / --loggingFormatter” command line parameter allowing logging formatter choice.
[/li][li] Added “-x / --startupScript” command line parameter allowing execution of an user script on startup.
[/li][li] Added “-t / --deactivateWorkerThreads” command line parameter allowing Worker Threads deactivation.
[/li][li] Renamed “-s / --noSplashScreen” command line parameter to “-s / --hideSplashScreen”.
[/li][li] Package directories structure has been deeply reorganized.
[/li][li] Documentation has been updated and converted from textile to reStructuredText and is available in different flavors:
[/li][li] Sphinx documentation with chapters and API.
[/li][li] Inline monolitic file for
[/li][li] A “” file is provided to showcase a few high level API features.
[/li][li] Templates settings are now stored / restored in preferences folder for each template release.
[/li][li] Most Maya templates have been ported toward Python for better maintainability and performance.
[/li][li] 3dsMax and Softimage / XSI templates have been refactored for better maintainability.
[/li][li] Most Templates allows the user to define the prefix the setup will use for better customization.
[/li][li] The Maya, 3dsMax, Softimage / XSI helper scripts have been refactored to be inline with sIBL_GUI 4.0.0 release.
[/li][li] A donations page has been added and is available here:

Maya, Softimage / XSI and 3dsMax Helper Scripts have been respectively refactored, updated and are available here:

With this release I decided to add a donation page so that if you like the software and think it’s worth something you can contribute to it’s development:

Here is the related developpement thread :

And HDRLabs Website Url :


[li] Windows:
[/li][li] Mac Os X:

Voila :slight_smile:




I get this error during sIBL_GUI Setup:
Error opening fiel for writing:
C:\Program Files (x86)\HDRLabs\sIBL_GUI 4_ctypes.pyd


Hi Frejam,

Is it during the setup itself or while running sIBL_GUI?

Are you running the application as Administrator? Is your Windows 64bit and which one?



Looks like it was the admin thing (during setup), although I was logged in as admin when installing… Anyway, thanks!

Actually, now it installs without reporting errors, but it won’t run. the first time i launched it said it couldn’t find a python 2.7 file or folder (not sure of the exact error). I installed 2.7(I think the latest xsi installs its own python), but when launching sibl_gui 4, nothing shows up, not even in the even task manager.

win7, 64bit



Ok can you try to uninstall sIBL_GUI 4, ensure that the directory is empty. Then reinstall everything, in admin if possible, then you need to start sIBL_GUI in admin one time at least to be sure that the bytecode get compiled. Then It should work.
I redid a few tries, admin / not admin on Win 7 x64 and I noticed that there is a flaw with the nsis installer I built, so I’m in the process of generating a new one.

I hope to have something fixed soon :slight_smile:




I have a new installer up:

I dropped NSIS for Actual Installer ( ). Cheap and very easy to use!

Let me know if its better for you!



OK, works with new installer - thanks.


Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

Have a Merry Christmas!




I just released updated Lightsmith Ibl Sets and their Arnold and Mental Ray Templates, you can grab the Templates using sIBL_GUI Online Updater and the Lightsmith Ibl Sets here:

Christian will upload them in HDRLabs Collection later.

Voila :slight_smile:




I just released sIBL_GUI 4.0.1 - Beta.

The most notable feature is that I rolled in the asynchronous threaded images loading code that should be very efficient with larges databases.
I also fixed an ugly memory leak related to an circular reference issue with Python interpreter ( ), not only the memory consumption should be slightly lower but the application should not slow down after an extensive use.
For those interested in details, that issue resulted in underlying nodes being duplicated and not cleared from memory, in some extreme case I had like over 3000 Ibl Sets Nodes sitting in memory whereas I should have under 100.

Notice that even if affixed as Beta the downloads have been put in the Stable directories.

Here is the complete Change Log:

Development 4.0.1 - Beta - Milestone:

[li] Implemented asynchronous images loading in related sIBL_GUI components for increased speed and responsiveness.
[/li][li] A new imagesCachesOperations component has been introduced to allow images caches operations.
[/li][li] Dropped NSIS installer for Actual Installer ( ) on Windows Os.
[/li][li] Double clicking an Ibl Set in the Database Browser" component now opens the Inspect layout.
[/li][li] Prevented a subtle memory leak related to a Python interpreter issue ( ), slightly reducing memory consumption.
[/li][li] Prevented an exception in Inspector component when a plate was selected and the view attempted to store the current nodes selection.
[/li][li] Prevented an exception in Inspector component when current Ibl Set preview image doesn’t exists.

Happy 2012 New Year!




If you have 30 seconds:

Cheers for your time :slight_smile:




Here is a first report from the survey: