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I recompiled sIBL_GUI_XSI_Server Addon for Softimage 2011 SP1 ( Build ) :

Let me know if you have any issues.



Hello :slight_smile:

I’m pleased to announce that sIBL_GUI 3.0.9 is released !

This version features an Internal Image Previewer ( Thanks to a lot of time spend optimizing Third Party Image format reading with FreeImage Library ).

Internal Image Previewer also means External Image Previewer or Editor : You can link whatever Image Viewer or Editor into the Preferences :

And that’s where the magic happens linking together the HDRLabs Softwares family : you can launch Picturenaut to Preview and / or Edit your Ibl HDR files directly from sIBL_GUI :

It’s now possible to edit Ibl Sets names directly from the Database Browser by double clicking them.
I also cleaned the code here and there, fixed some errors, a potential crash while dragging a huge amount of Ibl Sets from a Collection to another and some crashes on application exit.

XSI / Softimage Templates received the same code changes regarding the sIBL_Feedback radius and the sIBL_Ground size.

Here is the full Change Log :

sIBL_GUI - 3.0.9 :
[li] sIBL_GUI has now an Internal Image Previewer : You can quickly check your Ibl Sets images by right-clicking the Database Browser and use one of the new “Preview …” context menu entry. It’s also possible to use an External Viewer / Editor by assigning it in the Preferences. Picturenaut is obviously the way to go : “”:
[/li][li] Refactored the way Third Party Images formats are loaded by using direct memory access and custom FreeImage library build : Third Party Images loading is now 10 to 20 times faster.*
[/li][li] Implemented Ibl Sets database display name edition : Double click an Ibl Set in the Database Browser to edit it’s display name.*
[/li][li] “–databaseReadOnly” command line parameter properly disable Database Browser, Collections Outliner and Templates Outliner components dragNdrop capabilities and Collections Outliner component editing capabilities.
[/li][li] Fixed a code regression preventing “Templates Informations” widget display.*
[/li][li] Fixed a potential application crash when dragging multiples Ibl Sets from a Collection to another on Mac Os X.*
[/li][li] Worker Threads are properly terminated on application exit.*
[/li][li] Switched Darwin Installer to DropDmg application : Dmg icons are laid out correctly now.

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Shameless repost from the Maya and 3ds Max thread :

Not much updates on sIBL_GUI / Smart Ibl front mainly because I’m doing my Reel at the moment. However I have opened an Issues list on Github : so that you can post requests, issues etc and see what’s pending. You need to be registered though, you can still post your problems here anyway and I’ll push them to GitHub.

I have also released the first version of sIBL_Reporter which is a a tool that analyzes, reports informations and runs sanity checks on a provided Smart Ibl Sets Collection.
You can provide either “.zip” or Smart Ibl Sets folders for the analysis.

There is no Windows build right now ( only Darwin ), but I’ll do one this week end. This tool will be useful for every one making Smart Ibl sets on their own.

The thread is here :
and the Darwin build here :





Recompiled sIBL_GUI_XSI_Server for Softimage 2011.5 is available here :

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Brainspoon ( HDRLabs Maya User) got a very good idea that got implemented in Maya and 3ds Max Templates and now also in XSI / Softimage ones : Ability for the Templates to trigger the execution of an external command.

To do that I just added 4 command call in each templates, if the commands are defined, they will be executed otherwise nothing will happen.

From those 4 commands, 2 are pre process commands and executed before the Template execution and 2 are post process commands executed after the Template execution.

A set of pre / post commands is shared among the templates while the other set is specific to each template :
[/li][li][… Template Sauce …]

You basically just need to create XSI / Softimage commands like you usually do.

Cheers :slight_smile:



Hi !

Seven months and more than one hundred commits later the new sIBL_GUI release is born : sIBL_GUI 3.1.0. This is a long due maintenance release, nothing much visible in surface except for the Google Maps that have been replaced by Bing Maps ( Because of a breaking issue with latest Google Maps Api and Qt ). However a lot has been changed and improved under the hood, it should fix some of the remaining issues.

Here is the complete Change Log :

sIBL_GUI - 3.1.0 :
[li] sIBL_GUI now uses Python 2.7.1, allowing usage of OrderedDict, Templates attributes are now displayed in correct order.
[/li][li] Replaced Google Maps by Bing Maps : Google Maps support is broken at the moment on Qt Webkit.
[/li][li] Added “–noSplashScreen” command line parameter allowing user to deactivate the splashscreen.
[/li][li] Added support for Templates enums : “lightType = @lightType | Area;Directional;Spot | Enum | Light Type”.
[/li][li] Fixed an inconsistency related to the comments in the file parser.
[/li][li] Help files stored on network are now properly opened on Windows.
[/li][li] Modified Ibl Sets now refresh properly within the current session.
[/li][li] Added a new fancy splashscreen image thanks to Bob Groothuis.
[/li][li] Updated Windows icon.
[/li][li] Lots of code refactoring and updates.

Have fun and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have issues, problems, etc :slight_smile:



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Thanks Felix !

A new build just got released ( 3.1.1 ) because I noticed some regressions and an user reported me another critical one on HDRLabs.

Here is the Change Log :

sIBL_GUI - 3.1.1 :
[li] Fixed “Add Content” broken context menu entry of “Collection Outliner” component.
[/li][li] Fixed a code regression preventing export of Ibl Sets with comments.

Sorry for the inconvenience !



Bugs and broken features are an inconvenience, getting them fixed and being notified about it is most certainly none.
Thanks a lot again! :slight_smile:



Hi !

sIBL_GUI 3.1.2 is out !

The “Search Database” component has been reworked and features now a new “In Tags Cloud” search option and a new button to clear up started searchs :

Complete Change Log :

sIBL_GUI - 3.1.2 :
[li] Fixed issues with the “Search Database” component and empty Ibl Set attributes.
[/li][li] Added new “In Tags Cloud” option to the “Search Database” component. It’s now possible to search for multiples keywords in any order either by typing them in the “Search Database” widget or select them in the “Tags Cloud” widget.
[/li][li] “Search Database” widget now has a button to clear the current search.
[/li][li] Implement units tests on sIBL_GUI foundations and manager packages.
[/li][li] Extracted multiple packages to new repositories for better code reusability.

Cheers !



Hi !

sIBL_GUI 3.1.3 is out !

This is an update that I hope will pleased a lot of people : Lights type support is implemented in the Templates ! That mean that one can choose if the lights created by sIBL_GUI will be “Area”, “Directional”, “Point”, “Spot”, etc …

Here is a screencast to illustrate this :

Depending the feedback I receive I may update some defaults ( Increase area lights size or sampling, etc …)

* * * Important Notice * * *
“sIBL_GUI 3.1.2” Windows building file presented some issues resulting in an incorrect “templates” directory hierarchy and presence of non related files in the build. It’s advised to either uninstall it or remove the installation “templates” directory content before updating.

Complete Change Log :

sIBL_GUI - 3.1.3 :
[li] Templates have now options to define different light types : “Area”, “Directional”, “Point”, “Spot”, etc …
[/li][li] “Search Database” component “In Tags Cloud” method is now case sensitive.
[/li][li] Fixed a remaining issue in “Search Database” component and empty Ibl Set attributes in the “In Tags Cloud” method.
[/li][li] Fix Windows building file to prevent incorrect “templates” folder hierarchy.

Enjoy !




sIBL_GUI 3.5.0 is out!

I’m happy to introduce sIBL_GUI - Lightsmith. It’s a new extension that allows you to integrate quickly textured lights into your scene.

Here is a vimeo teaser:

The Lightsmith IBL Sets are available here:

The SoftBox A and Umbrella A Lightsmith IBL Sets are provided thanks to Oliver Wolfson:

Depending the renderer the lights will feature more or less options.
Arnold ones can be textured for instance with good results.
They can connect onto sIBL lights also, and will plug onto them.
Depending the requests etc, I’ll certainly refine the light rig, etc…
The templates are released as nightly / beta versions, and will most likely evolve in the future. They should be fairly stable, but lack of warnings, explanation, etc…

XSI with Arnold / Mental Ray are supported.

Some development renders done with Arnold:

Notice that this sIBL_GUI version and it’s associated templates is not compatible with previous builds.

And the Complete Change Log:

sIBL_GUI - 3.5.0 :
[li] Implemented support for “Lightsmith Lights”:
[/li][li] Most of the Templates have been refactored at different level.
[/li][li] Fixed an issue where Ibl Sets were displayed multiple times in the “Database Browser” component.
[/li][li] Dropped support of Illuminate Labs Turtle Renderer.

Enjoy !



Thanks for a great Lighting tool - can’t wait to try these new lights. I ran into a couple errors on export:

never mind - wasn't using the right template...


Hi :slight_smile:

I updated the templates so that there is a prompt now if you are using an ibl set that seems incompatible with the current template. It was error prone otherwise :slight_smile:



I’ve finally got some time to look into all sIBL thing and it is fantastic!
No idea how I ever was without it!
Gratz and keep up the great work.
Thank you for this great tool!


I’ve run into a couple issues rendering with lightsmith (although I think it has much to do with fg). I’m using two lightsmith lights, one at 25 (ring light), and the reflected light is a 3 (disc A).

The hair seems to multiply the fg bounces out of control. in the image, all that light on the top of head is from hair bouncing light. I’ve turned the fg color to 0 in the hair shader. this is strands from melena, but the same is happening with xsi hair.

Also, I can’t seem to keep shadows from being grainy - I’ve turned up the aa samples to 3 using scanline.

Any ideas?



Did u tried raising the lights samples instead of the overall AA ones ?