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sIBL_GUI 4.0.3 is out!

While the minor version has only been bumped by a digit ( 4.0.2 to 4.0.3 ) this is actually an important major build code wise.
A lot of stuff have been reworked under the hood, sIBL_GUI is faster, cleaner and better.

Improvements have been introduced here and there making it more user friendly:

[li] New slick Ui theme.
[/li][li] Yes / No To All for various dialogs.
[/li][li] Ability to purge the Database from invalid entries.
[/li][li] Views default message.
[/li][li] Wizard when no Templates are found.
[/li][li] Support for multiple concurrent instances ( Although it’s not recommended for Database integrity ).
[/li][li] Exceptions reporter.

sIBL_GUI can now act as a TCP server and / or client and be remote controlled or remote control other TCP servers through the new TCP Client Ui and TCP Server Ui Components, for instance I use it at work to communicate with Katana and Maya.

An exceptions reporter that will keep us informed whenever the application encounters an unhandled exception using has been implemented.

sIBL_GUI is now also a proper Python Package available from here:

If you have Python, PyQt and pip, you can install it issuing:

pip install sIBL_GUI

Now for the fun stats, this release represents:

[li] Around 580 commits over 5 repositories ( Not accounting the various tests not version controlled or discarded ).
[/li][li] Around 275000 lines changed.
[/li][li] Took around 6 months to complete ( Although I had a quieter rhythm compared to the 4.0.0 release ).

Here is the complete Change Log:

sIBL_GUI - 4.0.3 - Stable:

sIBL_GUI 4.0.3 - Stable - Milestone:
Umbra 1.0.4 - Stable - Milestone:

[li]Implemented an unhandled exceptions reporter connected to
[/li][li]Ensure that sIBL_GUI frozen version doesn’t require administrator rights on Windows.
[/li][li]Overall Ui style update ( ScrollBars, Icons, etc… ).
[/li][li]Add wizard for case when no Templates were found.
[/li][li]Loader Script Component now uses TCP Client Ui Component interface.
[/li][li]Implemented mechanism to flush invalid / missing Database entries in Database Operations Component.
[/li][li]Implemented Yes to All / No to All buttons in relevant dialogs.
[/li][li]Implemented Trace Ui Component.
[/li][li]Reloading a Component will reload its dependencies in Components Manager Ui Component.
[/li][li]Implemented command line support for modules execution tracing through -t, --traceModules parameter.
[/li][li]Implemented support for per instance logging file.
[/li][li]Views display user friendly default message.
[/li][li]Rename Db Component to Database.
[/li][li]Rename Database Browser Component to Ibl Sets Outliner.
[/li][li]Add support for Python 2.6.
[/li][li]sIBL_GUI is now a distributable Python package:
[/li][li]Dropped support for XSI_Arnold_Dome_Light, XSI_Arnold_Standard and XSI_MR_Standard Templates.
[/li][li]Dropped support for 3dsmax versions prior to 3dsmax 2010.
[/li][li]Dropped support for Maya versions prior to Maya 2011.
[/li][li]Disable mentalrayGlobals.passAlphaThrough attribute in Maya_MR_Standard and Maya_MR_Lightsmith Templates.
[/li][li]Fixed various widgets classes, implemented small ui test cases.
[/li][li]Fixed inconsistent Ui startup verbose level.
[/li][li]Components are properly displayed in Components Manager Ui Component.
[/li][li]User Templates are properly imported into the user Collection.




What’s the reason of dropping the MR standart template and the Arnold ones?



Its for XSI versions prior to 2011, before the rendering API changes. You still have the Softimage ones ( 2011 to 2013 ). The reason for dropping them is that I have only limited resources and time to allocate to support various 3D package versions, I prefer implement support for VRay for instance than maintaining support for XSI 2010.

However if it become an issue, and on a per case basis I can bug fix if it becomes a showstopper for people dependant on old 3D package versions.

Hope it makes sense!




There is currently an encoding related issue that may prevent the software to work, the root cause is known and a hotfix release will be deployed tonight.




I just released sIBL_GUI 4.0.4!

This is hotfix that should address the 3 exceptions I got reported in the 4.0.3 build, especially the encoding related one that made the 4.0.3 pretty much unusable for some users.

Here is the complete Change Log:

sIBL_GUI - 4.0.4 - Stable

sIBL_GUI 4.0.4 - Stable - Milestone:
Umbra 1.0.5 - Stable - Milestone:
Foundations 2.0.5 - Stable - Milestone:

[li]Fixed the encoding related issues preventing the application to work properly.
[/li][li]Fixed ui related exception in Online Updater component.
[/li][li]Prevented exception in TCP Server Ui Component when requested address is not available.

Don’t hesitate to let me know if any issues or whatever!




Thanks for the feedback and the bug fix. My question was just to understand the reasons to where technology was going.


Oh ok :slight_smile: Hope it makes sense :smiley:




The Crittercism reports are working quite well and allowed me to iron out another batch of issues for sIBL_GUI 4.0.5! Hopefully you should see the reporter popping less and less.

Here is the complete Change Log:

sIBL_GUI - 4.0.5 - Stable:

sIBL_GUI 4.0.5 - Stable - Milestone:
Umbra 1.0.6 - Stable - Milestone:
Foundations 2.0.6 - Stable - Milestone:

[li]Implemented a better version rank calculation definition allowing to properly compare various version formats.
[/li][li]Ensured Reporter is not initialising the Crittercism Client API 2 times.
[/li][li]Handle Templates with no attributes sections.
[/li][li]Fixed Online Updater Component exception when trying to install the Templates in an user defined directory.
[/li][li]Fixed Templates Outliner Component exception when selected Template has no help file.
[/li][li]Fixed Search And Replace dialog patterns related exception.
[/li][li]Fixed Softimage_MR_Standard Template issue related to mia_physicalsun shader intensity being affected by sIbl_Feedback rotation.





Some users have been reported that sIBL_GUI stopped working for them yesterday, apparently an Avast update was the cause, if it happens to you, double check that your antivirus software is not in cause.

sIBL_GUI access the Web for two things ( It’s maybe that behaviour that gets flagged as dangerous by Avast ):

[li]Online version checking.
[/li][li]Exception / crashes reporting.





sIBL_GUI 4.0.6 is out!

This release is mainly a maintenance release ironing out some issues reported through Crittercism.

A first pass at a Softimage VRay Template has been done and is available with this build.

Windows build now also have a Console executable that will come handy whenever sIBL_GUI doesn’t start.

Here is the complete Change Log:

sIBL_GUI - 4.0.6 - Stable:

sIBL_GUI 4.0.6 - Stable -
Umbra 1.0.7 - Stable - Milestone:
Foundations 2.0.7 - Stable - Milestone:

[li]Add console support to Windows and Darwin Oses builds.
[/li][li]Replaced Py2App with Pyinstaller on Darwin Os.
[/li][li]Improved symbols expanding behavior in Script Editor Component.
[/li][li]Improved various dialog button sizes.
[/li][li]Darwin Os build should properly raise upon startup.
[/li][li]Fixed exceptions raised by actions triggered in Inspector Component when no active Ibl Set is defined.
[/li][li]Fixed exception in sIBLeditUtilities Component when attempting to edit an Ibl Set and nothing is selected.
[/li][li]Fixed exception in Database Operations Component raised while updating an Ibl Set file location.
[/li][li]Fixed shutil.copytree related exception in Database Component.
[/li][li]Fixed AttributeError exception in Inspector Component.
[/li][li]Fixed Qt related RuntimeError exception in Preview Component.
[/li][li]Fixed exception in Loader Script Options Component when an attribute has undefined type.
[/li][li]Fixed Python 2.6.x related exception in Inspector Component.
[/li][li]Fixed duplicated languages on Windows Os build.
[/li][li]Handled gaierror exception in Tcp Client Component.
[/li][li]Fixed Script Editor Component Save File As action unexpected behavior.
[/li][li]Fixed Script Editor Component searchAndReplace replace method.
[/li][li]Fixed slowdown when switching editor in Script Editor Component.
[/li][li]Fixed symbols matching in Script Editor Component.
[/li][li]Fixed socket module related exceptions in foundations.common.isInternetAvailable definition.
[/li][li]Handled non existing files and directories in foundations.pkzip.Pkzip.extract method.




Impressive, thank you!



sIBL_GUI 4.0.7 is out!

This release focuses on bringing a neat new feature: Larges Panoramic Thumbnails!

Those are generated once from the background images ( With fallback on the preview ones ) upon startup.

Here is a video to showcase the stuff:

And some images:

Unicode supports has been improved: Users with non ASCII characters in their names should have less issues.

Softimage Templates have received a precise per channel colors control property that will allow very fine tuning of the lighting solution:

For Softimage 2013 users, I have also released a new compatibility build with stripped features for the TCPServer_For _Softimage Addon:

Here is the complete Change Log:

sIBL_GUI - 4.0.7 - Stable:

sIBL_GUI 4.0.7 - Stable - Milestone:
Umbra 1.0.8 - Stable - Milestone:
Manager 2.0.4 - Stable - Milestone:
Foundations 2.0.8 - Stable - Milestone:

[li] Implemented large thumbnails support.
[/li][li] Implemented better unicode support.
[/li][li] Implemented precise per channel color control over the IBL setup in Softimage Templates.
[/li][li] Fixed Softimage_Arnold_Standard and Softimage_Arnold_Dome_Light Templates color profiles issues.
[/li][li] Fixed exception in Softimage_VRay_Standard Template.
[/li][li] Dropped sqlalchemy-migrate support.

Thats all folks!



Just preventing archival, I have been very busy last year, I have a release pending although I cannot find time to finish it yet!



Thanks for update Thomas.



I’m pleased and at same time ashamed to say that sIBL_GUI 4.0.8 is out!

Pleased because I finally got time to get back on the project, ashamed because it took me so long and I have left a lot of people with very annoying bugs. I’m sincerely sorry about that!

This release is mainly a maintenance release ironing out most of issues reported through Crittercism.

Here is the complete Change Log:

sIBL_GUI - 4.0.8 - Stable:

sIBL_GUI 4.0.8 - Stable - Milestone:
Umbra 1.0.9 - Stable - Milestone:
Manager 2.0.5 - Stable - Milestone:
Foundations 2.1.0 - Stable - Milestone:

[li] Handled WindowsError in database component while retrieving stats on a non existing file.
[/li][li] Handled exception while searching in tags cloud using an invalid regex pattern in searchDatabase component.
[/li][li] Handled potential IOError exceptions related to foundations.common.foundations.common.isBinaryFile definition usage when accessing a locked file.
[/li][li] Prevented exception in sibl_gui.ui.common.getFormattedShotDate definition.
[/li][li] Prevented AttributeError exception in sibl_gui.components.core.inspector.inspector.Inspector.__setActiveIblSet method when no active iblSet is defined.
[/li][li] Prevented ValueError exception in sibl_gui.components.core.inspector.inspector.Inspector.__drawActiveIblSetOverlay method when invalid lights colors attributes are used.
[/li][li] Prevented IndexError exception in inspector component.
[/li][li] Prevented exception reports stacking.
[/li][li] Prevented AttributeError exception in umbra.components.scriptEditor.scriptEditor.ScriptEditor._editor__modificationChanged method.
[/li][li] Prevented files reloading on exit in scriptEditor component.
[/li][li] Fixed long startup delay when no Internet connection is available.
[/li][li] Fixed notificationsManager notifiers insertion order.
[/li][li] Fixed caching issue in foundations.parsers.SectionsFileParser.write method.
[/li][li] Fixed various issues in Softimage_Arnold_Standard, Softimage_Arnold_Dome_Light and Softimage_Arnold_Lightsmith templates to support latest SItoA build.
[/li][li] Handled BadZipfile exception in foundations.pkzip.Pkzip.extractZipFile method.
[/li][li] Ensured fileSystemEventsManager manager doesn’t compares integer paths modification times to float ones.
[/li][li] Ensured Softimage_Arnold_Lightsmith Template compatibility with SItoA 2.8.0 by removing deprecated legacy light filter code.
[/li][li] Ensured directional light position is correct in Maya_Arnold_Standard and Maya_Arnold_Dome_Light Templates.
[/li][li] Ensured Templates are downloaded into Factory directory only if writable.
[/li][li] Ensured Ibl Set icon is properly displayed in inspector component plates view.
[/li][li] Ensured Softimage_Arnold
* Templates compatibility with latest SItoA build.
[/li][li] Ensured notificationsManager has a maximum number of displayed notifiers at same time.
[/li][li] Ensured foundations.parsers.SectionsFileParser.parse method reads current file content if no content has been previously set.
[/li][li] Ensured that loggers and their formatters receive unicode data.
[/li][li] Ensured directional light position is correct in Maya_Arnold_Standard and Maya_Arnold_Dome_Light templates.*
[/li][li] Removed miCreateOtherOptionsNodesForURG mel procedure call in Maya_MR_Standard Template.
[/li][li] Removed dependency on ordereddict for Python versions that already include it.
[/li][li] Moved foundations.common.isBinaryFile definition into module.
[/li][li] Added module.
[/li][li] Added Jed Frechette Blender_Cycles_Standard template.
[/li][li] Extracted documentation utilities to their own repository.
[/li][li] Pass various globals variables through arguments in umbra.engine.Umbra class.
[/li][li] Refactored magic methods implementation in various managers.
[/li][li] Implemented fall-back preferences directory support.
[/li][li] Implemented get method in various managers.
[/li][li] Implemented setitem method in various managers.
[/li][li] Implemented magic methods tests for foundations.parsers.SectionsFileParser class.
[/li][li] Implemented foundations.parsers.SectionsFileParser.setValue method.
[/li][li] Implemented support for ANSI escape codes.
[/li][li] Implemented new documentation theme.
[/li][li] Reformatted package docstrings.
[/li][li] Verbosed PyQt version on startup.[/ul]



Thanks Kel


I don’t have much time for sIBL_GUI these days, just a quick post so that the thread doesn’t get archived :slight_smile:



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