Shuttle 43, Stefan Morrell (3D)


beautiful. congratulations…:).


It is your " chef-d’oeuvre " Stefan ! :arteest:


great as always
imo, the cloud background composite isn’t perfectly at “back”
it “mixed” with buildings


Excellente work!
I have to agree with JoelD about visiting the places you invent! :smiley:

What is the line under her dress? (behind her legs) is it some transparent grament, or the other side of the dress? It looks a bit strange.


Good work stefan :beer:


Amazing and inspiring work as usual :bowdown:


again a masterpiece from you


Wow! I went wide-eyed, I love this image! :surprised


Excellent work.


Nice job Stefan! I like the contrast between futuristic society landscape and innocent girl next door. We see so many examples of both but never together.


Really nice, I wish there was a game with this scene, it looks so great to explore! :slight_smile:


must have done a lot of R & D to work out this stuff…
very nice designing of the space stations…
I really liked the feel of the smoke in the rendered image…
overall…very creative, well put together all the stuff…
nice render… 5 Stars… :applause:


Awesome mate. Great to see fellow Kiwis doing such amazing quality work!


Such wonderful work again.

Would it be possible to see you render layers, pre-photoshop? I’d love to see what you aim for as a base to start retouching as your work is inspiring and, given the time it takes you, very fast.


excellent work



I hate you… lol. Beautiful scene, Stefan. Great detail and excellent atmosphere. Always excited to see your work.


goody goody so b e a u tiful :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


excellent work


Definitely epic scene :bowdown:


great atmosphere and feel to the piece.